Addiction Help in Hauppauge, NY

Addiction Help in Hauppauge, NY

The types of addiction treatment programs that are most successful in helping someone overcome their drug or alcohol problem rely on multiple methods and practices to treat addiction. Addiction is considered a treatable disease, and like other diseases in time and with the right types of treatment, a person can recover. The treatment programs we support utilize evidence-based forms of therapy, one on one counseling, group counseling, holistic treatment, and introduce the addict to addiction recovery communities and 12 step meetings.

Addiction Help in Hauppauge, New York

Hauppauge NY Addiction Help

The best Hauppauge addiction treatment centers that are available in New York, that we connect clients with are centers that create an individualized treatment plan for each person. Many factors cause addiction, and programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual allow for growth and healing to occur. For example, one person may have grown up in an alcoholic home and suffered neglect or abuse. And for another person, they may have grown up in a predictable household with no exposure to substance abuse. Yet both struggle with addiction. These two people will require different types of treatment to help them understand their separate challenges.

The help for addiction in New York that offers these individualized treatment programs is available for men, women, and young adults. We work closely with treatment centers that have years and decades of experience that are licensed by the state of New York and overseen by addiction medical doctors and other professionals who are committed to helping add its and alcoholics find freedom from their disease. The most recommended treatment program for addiction is inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment not only provides a custom treatment program, but it also allows for the client to address deep emotional issues to understand their challenges better and provide the tools to sustain their recovery.

The next type of addiction treatment program in Happauge NY and out-of-state that is also highly recommended is an intensive outpatient program, also called IOP. An IOP program integrates the formats that inpatient treatment relies on but does not require that the person remains at the treatment center 24 hours a day. IOP is ideal for someone who is employed or wants to stay at home while they attend treatment. Another successful outcome of the IOP is to have the recovering addict live in a sober living house, attend IOP treatment three days a week and work or go to school part-time.

The flexibility of an IOP program has proven to help newly recovering addicts and alcoholics build their foundation in recovery while being supported in their everyday routines because they are living with other addicts trying to get better. The third preferred type of treatment program is outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is also used as a step-down program. Some clients will need to complete an inpatient program first, then step down and live with others in recovery while attending IOP for three days a week. Then finally, they step down to an outpatient program and visit treatment one or more times a week.

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse has outlined the principles that must be in place for treatment to be effective. Because addiction is a treatable disease but is caused by different environments, childhood histories, genetics, and psychological diagnoses, treatment must pertain to each individual.   

Principles of Effective Treatment:

The following key principles should form the basis of any effective treatment program: No single treatment is right for everyone. Effective treatment addresses all of the patient’s needs, not just his or her drug use. Staying in treatment long enough is critical. Counseling and other behavioral therapies are the most commonly used forms of treatment. Medications are often an important part of treatment, especially when combined with behavioral therapies. Treatment plans must be reviewed often and modified to fit the patient’s changing needs. (NIDA)

If you or a loved one is need of an addiction treatment program, we connect people to the best programs that offer individualized treatment planning. The centers in Hauppauge, New York, are available to admit you or your relative or friend 24 hours a day. To connect with the programs we recommend and end the downward cycle of addiction, begin by speaking with one of our addiction treatment specialists. Our specialists will make all the arrangements and have you or your loved one admitted to the best program to help them overcome their addiction for good.  

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