What’s Fentanyl Withdrawal Like?

It’s been all over the news. It’s responsible for thousands of deaths across the country. It’s more powerful than heroin. Of course, we’re talking about fentanyl. This dangerous and deadly drug is wreaking havoc across American in recent years. If you’re thinking about using fentanyl, then you must be prepared for misery and physical dependence because it’s hard to take it just once. You may even die because it’s so powerful. Once you take it a few times, the withdrawal symptoms creep in and they are almost unbearable.

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Do You Need Inpatient Rehab for Heroin Addiction?

Over the years, heroin addiction has been the plague that everyone is afraid of, and for good reason. Heroin is powerful, deadly, and extremely addictive. It’s a dangerous mix of euphoria with respiratory depression. Once you’re on heroin for a while, it’s almost impossible to stop using it on your own. The withdrawal symptoms are crippling and people often turn to professional help. If you or a loved one are fighting a chronic and long-term heroin addiction, then inpatient rehab is the way to go.

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Signs and Symptoms of Fentanyl Abuse

Fentanyl addiction is on the rise throughout the country and those affected come from every socioeconomic background. There was a time when opioid abuse was confined to the dark corners of society – poor, run-down neighborhoods. Today people from all walks of life are trapped in the grip of substance abuse: from college students to lawyers, and soccer moms. In recent years, fentanyl abuse has exploded as illicit fentanyl is smuggled into the United States in massive amounts.

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Relapse Prevention Techniques for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, many people fall into the trap of picking up a drink or a drug. It’s tempting when you’re surrounded by friends and family and someone hands you a drink. Maybe your old friends are back in town and you go out for a fun night that quickly turns into smoking weed or something worse. There are relapse prevention techniques for the holidays that can help you or your loved one avoid those pitfalls. By strengthening your sobriety and overcoming your temptations, especially during the holiday season, you’ll be building a solid foundation for your future recovery.

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How to Survive Christmas Without Alcohol

‘Tis the season to spend time with family and loved ones during the holiday periods. With the holiday season upon us and Christmas around the corner, there are many reasons to be excited and grateful. From delicious meals to the family gathering and office parties, it’s a time of joy and celebration! However, with this comes a steady flow of wine and alcohol. But wait…you’re sober! What should you do? If you don’t want to relapse during the holidays and succumb to peer pressure, you should have a plan in place and ready to go! If you’re interested in surviving Christmas without a drop of alcohol in your system, it’s a good idea to continue reading.

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Pain Pill Detox Suffolk County NY

Prescription pain pills are very addictive if not used as prescribed and many people become dependent on their opioid medication. Once you’re addicted, a pain pill detox under the supervision of medical professionals is recommended to safely get off the drugs. Trying to detox on your own is not a good idea and many people are unable to stand the painful opioid withdrawal symptoms.

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Alcohol Rehab Long Island NY

Alcoholism is a disease that has destroyed the lives of many people, including children and families of an alcoholic. At Long Island Interventions, we understand the negative effect that alcoholism plays on the lives of people suffering from alcohol dependence. While it’s legal, alcohol is still an intoxicating drug that is physically and mentally addictive.

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Fentanyl Rehab Suffolk County NY

Across Long Island and Suffolk County, fentanyl has taken over (from heroin) to be the primary cause of overdose deaths. Why is so much fentanyl pouring into Suffolk County NY and what can we do about it? Drug dealers are mixing fentanyl with heroin to push a stronger product and addicts are always searching for the most powerful high. This creates a massive demand for fentanyl and it’s being brought into Long Island through Mexico along with Asia as the main suppliers. Fentanyl is so powerful that a dose in the micrograms is enough to kill a person that’s not used to taking the drug.

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Addiction Recovery Coach Long Island NY

Our experienced addiction and recovery coaches assist Long Island NY residents with guidance and support during this difficult time. How can a Long Island recovery coach help you or your loved one? Let’s start with the fact that sober coaching is a helpful resource for anyone struggling with addiction that wants to stay on track.

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