Long Island Drug Dealers Arrested for Making Deadly Fentanyl Pills

Fentanyl is responsible for almost half of the 500 or so opioid overdose deaths across Long Island in 2016. It’s a deadly synthetic opioid that is at least 50 times more powerful than traditional heroin. Recently Long Island law enforcement cracked down on a fentanyl pill mill in West Babylon, NY which is located in Suffolk County. This is the first known fentanyl pill mill in the Suffolk County and Nassau County area, leading officials to believe the fentanyl epidemic is worse than anyone previously realized.

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Drug overdose deaths in Orange County NY kill people in record numbers

Did you know more people are being killed by drug overdoses than homicides or car accidents? Drug overdose deaths in Orange County NY are being fueled by the heroin epidemic and continued prescription opioid abuse. When looking at the most recent overdose statistics from 2014, Orange County has 14.10 deaths per 100,000 people which is one of the highest rates of any county in the state of New York.

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Chuck Schumer Wants Special DEA Heroin Team in New York City

New York City and its airports have become a major distribution hub of high-quality heroin that makes its way across the state, into Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and all the boroughs. Some senators such as Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader from New York, have called for special DEA heroin teams to be dispatched to New York City.

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Pain Pill Detox for Long Island Residents

Prescription pain pills are fueling an opioid addiction epidemic across Long Island. Pain pill detox is uncomfortable but is the first step to recovering from opioid dependency and addiction. Once a person’s body becomes dependent on opioid-based pills to function, withdrawal symptoms kick in when there are no drugs available. These painful withdrawal symptoms can last from a couple days to a couple weeks depending on a variety of factors.

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Suffolk County Opioid Epidemic: 22 Overdoses In 48 Hours

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini announced a spike in opioid-related overdoses across the area in recent days. Over 22 overdoses related to heroin, fentanyl, and prescription pain pills were recorded over a span of just 48 hours across Suffolk County. Luckily, there was only one fatal overdose from this surge.

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New York police issue warning after heroin is found disguised as sweet tarts

Drug dealers are always finding new and clever ways to disguise their illicit product, but they often take it too far. Recently the Elmira police department in upstate New York found heroin and Xanax created to look like sweet tarts. This is a danger to children that may innocently mistake these drugs for candy and it can have a deadly outcome. New York police have issued a warning to parents and everyone in the community to be vigilant as heroin disguised as sweet tarts and candy is being found across New York.

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Drug Crazed Navy Veteran Causes Deadly Car Crash in Times Square

A 26 year old Navy veteran is suspected of being on a drug binge that includes synthetic marijuana, also known as Spice, and PCP, a dangerous dissociative, when he plowed through Times Square pedestrians in his vehicle this week, killing one 18 year old girl. The gruesome and dramatic turn of events has left New York City residents with questions regarding the man’s mental health and past problems with addiction. The drug crazed Navy veteran is identified as Richard Rojas of the Bronx. He has a troubled history of mental health problems combined with heavy drinking and drug abuse but his motive for taking these deadly actions is unknown.

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