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Addiction Treatment in Huntington NY fills an incredible need for substance abuse treatment programs throughout the state of New York. Today, more and more people are becoming addicted to legal and illegal drugs every day. Huntington New York is one of the communities outside of New York City that is suffering greatly due to drug addiction. Addiction is destroying families at an extremely rapid rate, but there are drug rehabs on Long Island that can help affected families get their loved one the help that he/she truly requires.

Today, many believe that people who become addicted to drugs do not have the willpower to stop or lack of self-control. However, The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that “The path to drug addiction begins with the voluntary act of taking drugs. But over time, a person’s ability to choose not to do so becomes compromised. Seeking and taking the drug becomes compulsive. This is mostly due to the effects of long-term drug exposure on brain function. Addiction affects parts of the brain involved in reward and motivation, learning and memory, and control over behavior… Addiction is a disease that affects both the brain and behavior.” (NIDA).

Drug Rehabs in Huntington, New York

The disease of addiction requires professional substance abuse treatment for the addict to overcome his or her addiction. Addiction Treatment is available in Huntington NY. Our treatment programs offer the highest level of standards for treatment in agreeance with principles that The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends being met in a drug treatment program. We offer long-term residential treatment programs that are individually tailored to meet each person’s needs. All our recommended drug rehabs on Long Island offer the most medically advanced forms of therapy.

NIDA states that for a substance abuse treatment program to be effective it must have the following characteristics, “People need to have quick access to treatment. Effective treatment addresses all the patient’s needs, not just his or her drug use. Staying in treatment long enough is critical. Counseling and other behavioral therapies are the most commonly used forms of treatment. Medications are often an important part of treatment, especially when combined with behavioral therapies. Treatment plans must be reviewed often and modified to fit the patient’s changing needs. Treatment should address other possible mental disorders. Medically assisted detoxification is only the first stage of treatment. Drug use during treatment must be monitored continuously” (National Institute on Drug Abuse).

Drug Treatment for Huntington Residents

The Addiction Treatment programs we offer range in length depending on what the person needs physically, emotionally and mentally. Medically supervised detox treatment placement is often required for most drug addictions. Medically supervised detox prescribes medications to assist with lessening physical withdrawals symptoms, as well as, emotional and mental discomfort. The first step is to make a brief phone call to one of our treatment centers. This phone call will allow our addiction specialists to get you or a loved one into treatment within one or two days.

Addiction Resources for Huntington NY

You are not alone in the fight against substance abuse. There are a variety of addiction resources available for residents of the Huntington NY area and all of Long Island:

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