Addiction Treatment Southampton NY

Addiction has become a global problem. In the U.S. we are facing one of the most serious health epidemics ever seen. The opioid crisis is killing people every day and drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50, with death rates soaring because of dangerous legal and illegal opioid drug cocktails available on the streets throughout New York state. The fact is, is that, overdoses killed more people last year than guns or car accidents. Treatment for addiction in Southampton NY is now more affordable and accessible than ever but the problem can’t get better if we don’t take this global crisis seriously.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, “in 2015, the estimated prevalence among the adult population was 18.4% for heavy episodic alcohol use (in the past 30 days) … and 3.8, 0.77, 0.37 and 0.35% for past-year cannabis, amphetamine, opioid, and cocaine use, respectively. European regions had the highest prevalence of heavy episodic alcohol use and daily tobacco use. The age-standardized prevalence of alcohol dependence was 843.2 per 100 000 people; for cannabis, opioids, amphetamines and cocaine dependence it was 259.3, 220.4, 86.0 and 52.5 per 100 000 people, respectively. High-income North America region had among the highest rates of cannabis, opioid and cocaine dependence…” (NCBI).

In North America, the substance abuse programs that are available at our treatment centers in Southampton and throughout New York and in Long Island have helped thousands of addicts and alcoholics begin new lives in recovery.

Addiction Treatment Southampton NY

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Our treatment programs are successful because they utilize science-based therapy methods and combine a full spectrum of medical, psychiatric and therapeutic treatments. We have treatment programs specific to men and women as well as young adults. Treatment begins with a medically supervised detox at one of our treatment centers. Client’s are evaluated and assessed by a full medical staff and are prescribed safe medications to help ease physical withdrawal symptoms. If you’re searching for addiction treatment in Southampton, then you’re in the right place. We can help you find drug treatment in Southampton and throughout Long Island (and out-of-state) that fits your personalized needs for long-term recovery.

Drug Rehabs for Southampton Residents

If you or someone you are close to needs treatment for their addiction to drugs and or alcohol the first step is to make a simple phone call to one of our dedicated staff members who specialize in addiction. This phone call will be brief, and it will allow us to get you or your loved one into treatment within 24 hours. We have numerous treatment programs that specifically treat persons who are addicted to alcohol, meth, heroin, Xanax, Fentanyl, cocaine and other drugs.

Our intervention team works locally throughout the state of New York and are trained in addiction recovery. They have a very high success rate in assisting families and communities that need help getting someone through the door at our treatment centers.

Contact our treatment specialists at Long Island Interventions and we will connect you with the best addiction treatment centers in Southampton, New York, and out-of-state.

Addiction Resources for Southampton NY

You are not alone in the fight against substance abuse. There are a variety of addiction resources available for residents of the Southampton NY area and all of Long Island:

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