Carfentanil in Long Island: Deadly New Synthetic Opioid

The possibility of carfentanil in Long Island has become a real scenario as this deadly new synthetic opioid pushes itself across the Northeast. Mainly used as a large animal tranquilizer, carfentanil is illegal for human consumption and has no approved medical uses. It is unsuitable for human use because of its’ strength; the potency of carfentanil makes it up to 10,000 times stronger than morphine and up to 100 times stronger than its’ cousin fentanyl.

As area residents brace for carfentanil in Long Island, law enforcement is preparing for a spike in heroin-related overdoses across New York. It has ravaged the Midwest with dozens of reported overdoses and is spreading fast across the country. Carfentanil is often mixed with heroin for a stronger high that produces deadly results in unsuspecting users. However, many drug addicts have been freely ordering carfentanil from China as this substance has been legal there up until now. Recently China banned carfentanil distribution in an effort to slow down the opioid epidemic in the United States.

Carfentanil in Long Island was unheard of until the drug began to be cut into heroin by dealers looking to increase profit margins. Just a tiny amount of carfentanil, in the micrograms, is enough to cause a drug overdose in Long Island heroin addicts. Even law enforcement and first responders are at risk, inhalation or contact through the skin of minuscule amounts of this drug can be fatal. Once a person has overdosed on carfentanil, the first line of defense is Narcan™ as an opioid blocker and reversal agent. Unfortunately, because of the strength of this deadly new synthetic opioid, many times Narcan™ is not powerful to reverse effects of a carfentanil overdose in Long Island.

If you suspect that you or a loved one are using heroin cut with carfentanil, or sourcing the drug from online vendors, now is the time to reach out for help before it is too late.

Many people who develop a substance use disorder find it very difficult to stop using without professional help. If you have decided to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one, you’ll need to decide on the type of treatment that’s right for you. Let’s begin the recovery process and create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to fit your unique needs. Contact us for a free confidential assessment right now.

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