Crack Cocaine Rehab in Islip, NY

Crack Cocaine Rehab in Islip, NY

Crack cocaine is easily one of the hardest addictions to stop, and many people become addicted after only trying it once. The reasons crack causes addiction so quickly is because of how intense the drug’s effects are. Persons who smoke crack are chasing the high that they first achieved. What this looks like is, crack smokers will binge on crack for days on end and even weeks trying to replicate the ideal high they once felt from smoking crack. It is an endless cycle since crack cocaine eventually depletes the brain of the necessary chemicals to get someone high; they cannot stop.

Crack Cocaine Rehab in Islip, NY

Islip NY Crack Cocaine Treatment Programs

When someone smokes crack, their brain releases a massive surge of dopamine and serotonin from the brain’s reward center. Both of these essential brain chemicals are released when a person experiences pleasure. Normal levels of dopamine and serotonin are released when someone falls in love, eats chocolate, or feel good when watching a movie or a sunset. To explain it simply, these two brain chemicals dictate what makes us feel pleasure and happiness. Instantaneously getting hooked on crack is likely for many, but long-term addiction usually takes a little longer to develop. The people who smoke crack generally do so sporadically at first and often smoke when they are drinking alcohol or using other drugs. However, with repeated use, crack cocaine then becomes the person’s desired substance.

Getting help for an addiction to crack will require expert help from professionals who specialize in crack cocaine addiction. The brain is negatively affected by cocaine and crack cocaine use. People who are struggling with this addiction require specific types of therapy, and treatment to help them recover. Not only does the brain’s reward system that produces dopamine and other brain chemicals become virtually exhausted from smoking crack, but other key brain functions also become inhibited.

Many people who are addicted to crack cocaine are likely to have emotional and mental health disorders as a result of smoking crack. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports how cocaine addiction can eventually cause damage to the areas of the brain that enable a person’s ability to make good decisions.

Chronic cocaine exposure affects many other areas of the brain…cocaine diminishes functioning in the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), which appears to underlie the poor decision-making, inability to adapt to negative consequences of drug use, and lack of self-insight shown by people addicted to cocaine. (NIDA)

The best course of action a crack cocaine addict can take is first to be admitted into a medically supervised detox program followed by a treatment program specifically for crack cocaine addiction. Detox is necessary because even though crack cocaine abuse does not cause severe physical withdrawal symptoms, it does cause emotional and mental withdrawal symptoms. When a person is admitted into a detox program that specializes in crack cocaine detoxification, they will be prescribed safe medications and receive targeted counseling. 

Crack Cocaine Rehab in Islip, New York

The centers that we connect clients to will provide crack cocaine rehab and counseling the minute the person is admitted into a detox program. The goal of detox is to help initiate reliable recovery as well as getting them clean from drugs. This is how the person will more easily attain long-lasting recovery from their addictions. Once a person has completed detox, they are encouraged to cross over into a crack cocaine rehab program that will address all of the individual needs. No two addicts share the same life experiences or reasons for their addictions. An individualized treatment program is how each individual can overcome their addiction to crack cocaine.

To learn about crack cocaine treatment in Islip, NY or out-of-state, first connect with one of our treatment program representatives. They will secure a bed for you or your loved one, then have you admitted within 24 hours or less. Ideally, the regimen for a person who needs help is to begin at a specialized crack cocaine detox, followed by an intensive treatment program, then complete an aftercare program, such as sober living or outpatient. Islip NY crack cocaine rehab is only a phone call away.

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