Crack Cocaine Rehab in Valley Stream, NY

Crack Cocaine Rehab in Valley Stream NY

Cocaine is a powerfully, addictive stimulant drug. For thousands of years, South Americans have chewed and ingested coca leaves for their stimulant effects. In the early 1900s, purified cocaine was added to tonics and elixirs prepared to treat illnesses. It was even an active ingredient in the early Coca-Cola drinks.

Cocaine has been abused for ages but looks like a child’s play compared to its cousin – crack cocaine. This more potent form of cocaine first appeared on the illicit drug scene in the 1970s. When cocaine powder is processed with baking soda or ammonia, it is transformed into a rock form. Crack cocaine gets its name from the crackling sound heard when the rock is heated and smoked.

In purer forms, the rocks appear as off-white nuggets with jagged edges. A nugget is slightly denser than candle wax. Purer forms of crack resemble a hard plastic in crystalline form. Pure crack nuggets are easily broken. They also sink in water or melt at the edges when near a flame.

Crack is widely available as it is much cheaper to produce and accessible than powdered cocaine. Street names for crack include Rock, Hard Rock, Base, Kryptonite, Sugar Block, Topo, Apple Jacks, and so on. If you’re searching for a crack cocaine rehab in Valley Stream NY or out-of-state, then you’ve come to the right place.

Crack Cocaine Drug Rehab in Valley Stream

Why is Crack Cocaine So Addictive?

No doubt, cocaine is a highly addictive substance, but crack cocaine gets even more people hooked. Once you’re dependent on this drug, a Valley Stream crack cocaine treatment program can help you. Here are a few reasons why crack is so addictive:

  1. Composition: The drug is far more potent due to composition. Street cracks may be adulterated with other substances to mimic the appearance of crack cocaine and increase bulk. Adulterants used include milk powder, sugars such as glucose, starch, caffeine, lidocaine, paracetamol, amphetamine, scopolamine, etc.
  2. Route of administration: Addiction also develops even more rapidly if a substance is smoked compared to other routes of administration.  When smoked, quick absorption sends crack cocaine into the blood and reaches the brain in 8 seconds.
  3. Short time: because crack cocaine is very short-acting, addicts have to smoke regularly. The high lasts less than 10 minutes after which dopamine levels plummet. This leaves the user feeling depressed and low, leading to a faster onset of addiction.
  4. Mechanism of action: crack cocaine exploits the brain’s system of reward and punishment. As the high lasts for less than 10 minutes, most users are tempted to take more of the drug to prolong the high. Addiction can be so severe that users cannot hold a normal conversation without thinking about their next hit.

Short-term Effects of Crack Cocaine

The high from crack cocaine begins almost immediately after the vapors are inhaled and lasts about 10 minutes. After the initial high, the user experiences an intense desire for more of the drug. This is why users can become addicted after just one hit. These effects may vary greatly with content. Short-term effects include:

  1. Increased temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate
  2. Constricted blood vessels
  3. Rapid breathing
  4. Dilated pupils
  5. Hyperactivity and intense euphoria
  6. Decreased appetite
  7. Anxiety and Depression
  8. Aggressive, paranoid behavior
  9. Intense drug craving
  10. Sudden death from overdose

Long-term Effects of Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is very dangerous and can result in severe physical and mental health problems. These include:

  1. Severe depression, irritability and mood swings
  2. Aggression and paranoia
  3. Painful cracked lips (blistering and bruising caused by repeated exposure to hot pipes pressed against the lips)
  4. Oral infection including tooth decay, broken and yellow teeth
  5. Blood poisoning from inhalation of harmful fumes from the ammonia or other toxic compounds
  6. Cardiovascular disease
  7. Lung disease
  8. Psychosis and seizures
  9. Sexual dysfunction
  10. Reproductive damage and infertility

Addicts also suffer from “coke bugs” or “crack bugs.” This type of tactile hallucination or formication makes the abuser feel like bugs are crawling on or below the skin. It is evident by long scratch marks inflicted on getting rid of the bugs. These hallucinations make it impossible to sleep. The resulting sleep deprivation causes delusions.

Valley Stream Crack Cocaine Rehab & Withdrawal Symptoms

The aim of crack cocaine rehab in Valley Stream and out-of-state is to gradually wean users off the drug. It is done under the supervision of an experienced therapist. Withdrawal symptoms occur immediately and can be very intense. Users usually want to keep using crack cocaine simply to avoid the negative effects of withdrawal.

Crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms include:

  1. Depression
  2. Irritability
  3. Fatigue
  4. Anxiety
  5. Intense craving
  6. Psychosis

Crack Cocaine Rehab in Valley Stream, NY

Without a doubt, crack cocaine is one of the most powerful and addictive drugs out there. The epidemic has destroyed many American lives and families. If you or a loved one is affected by crack, there is help at Long Island Interventions.

Are you a resident of Valley Stream, New York or the surrounding areas? The least you want to experience is having to travel out of state to access a Valley Stream crack rehab facility. At Long Island Interventions, our Valley Stream resources encompass rehab for crack cocaine addiction. You will gain access to the best treatment services to get started on the path to long-term recovery. Call our addiction helpline for a confidential assessment today.

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