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Crack Cocaine Rehab in Westbury, NY

When a person becomes addicted to crack cocaine, they have embarked on an addiction that is dangerous, expensive, and highly addictive. Crack cocaine is notably one of the most addictive substances there is. Crack is formed from powder cocaine into a rock-like substance that is then smoked. The level of euphoria that cracks producers for the user is much greater than when cocaine is snorted. The high that people experience from the smoking crack is intense but only lasts several minutes. Because the effect does not last, crack smokers continue to smoke crack for hours, days, and even weeks. 

Crack cocaine rehab in Westbury NY

Westbury NY Crack Cocaine Treatment

Crack cocaine users typically spend hundreds of dollars a day on crack. Crack use is different from other drugs in how fast it takes ahold of a person’s life. Many people become instantly addicted to crack after only one use. In a matter of days, crack addiction will cause people to lose their jobs, deplete their bank accounts, and remain on a crack-smoking binge until they run out of resources to get more crack. The stories that people tell about smoking crack end the same way: staying up all night for days or weeks and spending all their money on crack as well as neglecting their responsibilities including caring for children or loved ones.

Crack is sold on the streets, and buying it is very dangerous. Criminals and other drug activities dominate the neighborhoods where the crack is sold. Crack causes people to become paranoid, violent, and to experience hallucinations. When a person goes to buy crack, they are putting their lives at risk. Because the drug is so addictive and so costly to use, many crack addicts are regularly robbed, beaten up or assaulted. Additionally, addiction to crack will also cause a person to become depressed and then desire crack, even more, to help themselves feel better.

The University of Maryland’s Center for Substance Abuse Research, states how quickly people become addicted to crack, often after the first try. The short-term effects form crack cocaine immediately affect the user’s physical, emotional, and mental health.   

The high from crack cocaine begins almost immediately after the vapors are inhaled and last about 5 to 15 minutes. After the initial ‘rush’ subsides, the user experiences an intense desire for more of the drug – this is how users can become addicted after just their first hit. Other short-term effects include Increased blood pressure and heart rate, constricted peripheral blood vessels, Increased rate of breathing, Dilated pupils, Hyper-stimulation, Intense euphoria, Decreased appetite, Anxiety and paranoia, Aggressive and paranoid behavior, Depression, and Intense drug craving. (CESAR)

The programs that treat crack addiction in Westbury, NY and out-of-state utilize the most modern methods for helping crack addicts overcome their addiction and remain clean and sober long term. The rehabs we recommend are licensed by the New York State Department of Health and have decades of experience in treating addiction. All of the crack addiction treatment programs are overseen by a professional staff of medical doctors, psychiatrists, substance abuse counselors, and other mental health specialists. Every client is provided with an individualized treatment plan to help each person heal their specific challenges. Because crack is so very addictive, most clients are encouraged to be willing to attend an inpatient treatment program, as this type of program has the most success in helping people who are addicted to crack cocaine.  

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Addiction to crack can be stopped. The clients we have helped into treatment were desperate and broken and are now clean and living new lives in recovery.  

To learn about which crack rehab programs in Westbury NY and out-of-state are best for you or your loved one, call one of our treatment representatives. The representatives will conduct a short interview to determine which program is the best fit. A representative will also locate where your substance abuse treatment benefits are inside your health insurance policy and discuss other payment options. Once they have determined which program is best for you or your loved one, they will make all door to door travel arrangements and remain in close contact with the person who needs help until they are admitted into their treatment program.

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