Drug Detox in Hempstead NY

Drug Detox in Hempstead NY

Drug detox is the first phase of every addict’s recovery. Without entering a professional detox treatment center that provides safe medications to ease withdrawal symptoms the likelihood of relapse is very high for most addicts. The reason most addicts fail when they attempt to detox without medical supervision is that the withdrawal symptoms become too uncomfortable and painful and they return to taking drugs. The detox center in Hempstead, NY that we recommend can admit a client quickly to avoid relapse.

Drug Detox in Hempstead NY

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIDA, the rate of relapse is also dependent upon the person’s ability to handle stress. Their study on relapse focused on persons with substantial clean time, however, suggests that reducing stress during detox increases the success rate in staying clean and sober long term. Per NIDA:

“The relationship between stress and drug remission is complex. Stressful life events can trigger relapse; at the same time, drug use also can create stressful life consequences for individuals and families…that in turn, cause relapse” ( NIDA ).

Hempstead Drug Detox Centers

The detox center we recommend is overseen by a cross-disciplinary staff of medical doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists. They work together to ensure a safe detox off drugs and or alcohol, as well as, organizing a treatment plan for continued care. The drug detox in Hempstead offers treatment programs for persons who complete detox and are ready to continue their recovery in a rehab setting.

The time it takes for a person to detox off drugs varies per person. The factors that the medical staff considers for assessing how long a person should remain in detox are the length of time the person used the drug, and what type of drug they were addicted to. Phycological and emotional health factors also contribute to the time frame for a person to detox.

The medications prescribed at our recommended drug detox center in Hempstead, New York, and out-of-state, will help ease anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, tremors, seizures, nausea, body aches, and agitation. Every client is routinely assessed and monitored by the medical staff around the clock. Clients can fully rest in the detox and are encouraged to participate in the in-house groups when they are feeling physically better.

Find Drug Detox in New York

The treatment programs we advocate for in Hempstead also offer various treatment programs for men, women and young adults. Once a person completes detox they are given recommendations for rehab programs to help further their recovery. It is highly recommended that every person who completes detox attend a long-term treatment program. Long-term rehab is proven to increase the chances of sustaining their addiction recovery from drugs and or alcohol.

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Drug Detox in Hempstead NY

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