Drug Detox in Newburgh NY

Drug Detox in Newburgh NY

Currently, there are roughly one in ten Americans over the age of twelve who are battling substance use disorder (SUD), also known as addiction. The number of people who are dying from an accidental overdose is also rising daily and addiction has become one of our countries main health concerns. Additionally, the amount of money that is spent or lost due to addiction has been estimated to be over half a trillion dollars, yearly. The solution to this epidemic is the availability of professional drug addiction treatment. Drug detox in Newburgh NY and out-of-state helps men and women struggling with substance abuse.

Drug Detox Newburgh NY

Drug Detox Centers in Newburgh, New York

In Newburgh and throughout the state of New York, the options for treatment are outstanding. The centers that offer drug detox, treatment, and aftercare, including sober living, are also affordable. The most important step you or someone in your family can make to help get an addict to treatment today is to call one of our addiction recovery specialists. This phone call is brief, and our specialist will recommend what program is most beneficial for you or your relative. We assist men and women with placement in drug detox in Newburgh NY and out-of-state.

To help you to determine whether you or your loved one needs treatment the National Library of Medicine has identified the various stages of substance abuse and or addiction as the following:

“There are several stages of drug use that may lead to addiction. Young people seem to move more quickly through the stages than do adults. Experimental use — Typically involves peers, done for recreational use; the user may enjoy defying parents or other authority figures. Regular use — The user misses more and more school or work; worries about losing drug source; uses drugs to “fix” negative feelings; begins to stay away from friends and family; may change friends to those who are regular users; shows increased tolerance and ability to “handle” the drug.

Problem or risky use — The user loses any motivation; does not care about school and work; has obvious behavior changes; thinking about drug use is more important than all other interests, including relationships; the user becomes secretive; may begin dealing drugs to help support habit; use of other, harder drugs may increase; legal problems may increase. Addiction — Cannot face daily life without drugs; denies problem; physical condition gets worse; loss of “control” over use; may become suicidal; financial and legal problems get worse; may have broken ties with family members or friends” (U.S. National Library of Medicine).

Contact our treatment specialists at Long Island Interventions and we will connect you with the best drug detox centers in Newburgh, New York, and out-of-state.

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Addiction Resources for Newburgh NY

The drug detox programs in Newburgh that we recommend are all overseen by state licensed professionals who specialize in addiction recovery. The programs are structured in a manner that is proven to assist the addict in overcoming their disease and will provide a solid foundation for beginning a new life in recovery. We offer medically supervised detox, residential treatment programs, outpatient programs and sober living. We offer programs specific to men or women.

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