Drug Detox in Southampton, New York

Drug Detox in Southampton, New York

Locating a drug detox is most often an urgent matter. When a person has become addicted to a substance that causes drug withdrawal symptoms, their only objective is to find relief. For many who suffer from substance use disorder, also known as addiction, they must use the substance they are addicted to every day to prevent the onset of withdrawal. The drug detox centers we recommend acting quickly to have you or your loved one admitted on the same day to avoid relapse and to encourage recovery.

Drug Detox in Southampton, New York

Southampton Drug Detox Programs

Drug detoxification is a process that is completed at a medically managed drug detox center. Medically supervised detox provides safe and effective medications that will reverse withdrawal symptoms. The medicines that are prescribed vary depending on the substance that was being abused. Addictive substances that cause debilitating and dangerous withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Prescription pain killers ( Vicodin, Oxycontin, Dilaudid, etc.)
  • Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, etc.)
  • Alcohol
  • Prescription stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin, Phentermine)

Other substances that cause withdrawals but are not as severe are cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and hallucinogens. These substances usually require medications to promote sleep, reduce anxiety, or other psychiatric symptoms. However, all addictive drugs will cause a person to experience emotional and mental health withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a disease of the mind and emotions that stem from multiple influencers. The reason a person uses drugs is to change how they feel. Without the substance, they will most likely suffer. Medically managed Southampton NY drug detox also provides emotional and mental health support to encourage clients to remain at the detox so they can be free of their addiction.   

The drug detox in Southampton, NY or out-of-state allows their clients to rest and sleep until they are physically stable. Once they feel better, each client is encouraged to participate in one on one counseling and small group counseling. All clients are allowed to go outside, enjoy recreational activities such as Netflix or games, and clients are allowed to smoke in designated smoking areas. Each client is monitored around the clock and cared for by a team of medical doctors, psychiatrists, and licensed substance abuse counselors. 

When a person asks for help, they must get the support they need to overcome their addiction as soon as possible. The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health reports on how vital quick access is to a drug detox and treatment centers is for someone who is attempting to stop their drug use. Without hurried placement into rehab, the person is likely to give up and return to the addiction.

Find Medical Detox in Southampton, New York

According to information provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

Being on a waiting list is frequently mentioned as a barrier, leading some people to give up on treatment and to continue using, while prompting others to view sobriety during the waiting period as proof they do not need treatment. The waiting period (including being on a program generated waiting list) is often listed among the most common barriers for those seeking treatment. Typically, the longer substance users have to wait to be admitted to treatment, the more likely they are to not follow through with treatment. (NCBI)

The medically managed Southampton NY drug detox centers that are available in New York offer a medically-assisted detox for men women and young adults. They are licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide drug detoxification services. To become admitted today, the first step is to reach out to one of our detox specialists. Our specialists will arrange door to door travel, discuss insurance benefits and payment options as well as provide continuous support to the person who needs help through the entire detox admission process.

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Drug Detox in Southampton NY

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