Fentanyl Detox Centers in Syosset, NY

Fentanyl Detox Centers in Syosset, NY

One of the biggest dangers of the drug Fentanyl is how extremely potent it is. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is up to 100 times more powerful than non-synthetic morphine. Fentanyl is manufactured legally by pharmaceutical companies for the treatment of chronic pain and conditions that require powerful pain relievers to stop or manage severe pain. However, it is also made illegally in countries like China and Mexico, specifically for the intention of increasing the strength of other opioids to be sold on the street. Because Fentanyl is so much more potent than heroin and other non-synthetic opioids, it increases the values of these well-known addictive street drugs.

Syosset Fentanyl Detox Programs

Dealers can now buy Fentanyl (illegally) to cut their heroin or other drugs like cocaine that require illegal and risky transport into the United States. What this means is that drug dealers can make their supply of heroin last longer and sell more by cutting it with Fentanyl. The increase in accidental overdose rates in the United States in the past few years has increased dramatically in numbers. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were approximately 65,000 accidental drug overdoses in the United States in 2016. In 2018 that number increased and is estimated to go up to 85,000 or more in 2019.

Drug overdoses killed 63,632 Americans in 2016. Nearly two-thirds of these deaths (66%) involved a prescription or illicit opioids CDC’s new analysis confirms that recent increases in drug overdose deaths are driven by continued sharp increases in deaths involving synthetic opioids other than methadone, such as illicitly manufactured fentanyl  (IMF)… The overdose death rate from synthetic opioids (other than methadone) more than doubled, likely driven by illicitly manufactured fentanyl. (CDC)

The Fentanyl epidemic is not only killing people daily, and it is causing a tremendous surge of addiction. Fentanyl is not just more potent than other opioid drugs; it is also more addictive. The symptoms of Fentanyl addiction compare to other opioid addictions but with a much quicker onset of debilitating physical withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms that Fentanyl addiction causes include body aches and muscle cramps, vomiting and diarrhea, extreme abdominal cramping, bone pain, agitation and fixation on getting more Fentanyl, loss of appetite, uncontrollable body movements (kicking), sweating, clammy skin and chills, irregular heartbeat, headaches, hallucinations, depression, and emotional instability.

The drug detox treatment that is available for Fentanyl addiction first begins with a medically supervised detox. Fentanyl detox requires that a person receive specific medications that eliminate or lessen the physical, emotional, and mental withdrawal symptoms that this addiction causes. The physical symptoms are so intense that it is hazardous for a person to attempt to detox off Fentanyl without medication. People who try to quit cold turkey rarely succeed, and they have a higher chance of relapsing and overdosing. Their willingness to attempt to detox alone is courageous, but also very dangerous.

Find Fentanyl Detox in Syosset NY

The Syosset NY fentanyl detox centers we support have very successful Fentanyl detox programs that begin with helping the person get through the withdrawal periods safely and comfortably. Our staff members regularly work with the best drug detox centers in New York. All of the centers are licensed by the health department and overseen by an entire medical staff that specializes in opioid addiction and medically supervised detoxification.

If you or your loved one is ready to get help for their addictions to Fentanyl, contact one of our Syosset fentanyl detox representatives. They will get you or your relative admitted into a Fentanyl detox center in New York or out-of-state within 24 hours or less. It is critical that when a Fentanyl or other opiate drug addict reaches out for help that they receive it immediately. Opiate addiction is compelling and can reverse someone’s desire to get clean quickly.

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