Heroin Detox in Huntington, New York

Heroin Detox in Huntington, New York

For all heroin addicts, the desire to end their addiction to heroin after years of struggle will seem impossible to attain. Heroin addiction causes the user to experience debilitating withdrawal symptoms that they alone cannot tolerate. Heroin addicts go on for years being addicted, trapped by the withdrawal symptoms. In time, heroin addicts regularly commit crimes and will do anything to get more heroin. The cycle of addiction for heroin addicts causes legal consequences, destroys family relationships and often ends with homelessness, jail or death. The reason heroin addicts are in so much turmoil is that they must use heroin every day to prevent the onset of withdrawal symptoms that heroin addiction causes.

Heroin Detox in Huntington, New York

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The withdrawal symptoms from heroin addiction are so severe that they force the addict to need heroin daily and even hourly to function. When a heroin addict does not use enough heroin every day, they will get very sick. The physical and emotional symptoms that heroin withdrawal cause includes nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, muscle and bone pain, cold sweats, severe anxiety, fever and chills, uncontrollable sneezing, emotional instability, heart palpations, irritability, insomnia, and intense cravings for more heroin to relieve their withdrawal symptoms.

The only solution for a heroin addict to get clean off heroin is to receive medications to help reverse the withdrawal symptoms. Without medications and medical supervision, a heroin addict will not be able to endure the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms and will relapse. Although there are heroin addicts that have lived through the withdrawal symptoms without medical assistance, such situations are rare and usually a result of being sent to jail. The average heroin addict will not endure the withdrawal symptoms with their own free will.

To expect a heroin addict to stop on their own without professional help is not realistic. The most successful heroin addiction treatment programs always require that each client be admitted into a heroin detox program before entering a substance abuse treatment program. The medications that a professional heroin and opiate detox center provide are superior. They give the addict relief from the physical symptoms as well as emotional and mental symptoms heroin addicts experience during detox.

Heroin Detox Drugs to Help Alleviate Withdrawal Symptoms

The types of medications that are prescribed include Suboxone (buprenorphine), in some cases, methadone and other prescription medications to help negate insomnia, anxiety, or depression, as well as preventing nausea and other flu-like symptoms common with heroin detoxification. The centers we recommend for heroin detox in New York have been treating heroin and other opiate addictions for years. Their medically supervised detox program is overseen by medical doctors and psychiatrists who specialize in heroin detoxification.

In the past, some medically supervised detox programs did not rely on Suboxone to help heroin addicts detox, and therefore heroin addicts relapse. Suboxone has a successful history of helping heroin addicts detox from their addiction and stays heroin and drug-free. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration fact page on short term opioid withdrawal using buprenorphine states that

relapse rates are high when opioid-addicted patients only get the usual treatment for easing withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. The “usual treatment” includes short-term detoxification using a nonopioid medication rather than buprenorphine. (SAMHSA)

Detoxifying from heroin with the help of safe medications like Suboxone requires that the person be admitted into medically supervised detox center to increase their chances of remaining off heroin as well as to provide them counseling and treatment. Although detox will free a heroin addict from their need to use heroin every day to avoid withdrawal symptoms, it does not help them stay clean. For a person to remain clean and sober after an addiction to heroin, professional heroin and opiate drug treatment is necessary. The programs we connect people to for heroin detox also provide heroin drug treatment.

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The detox center will provide a treatment plan that is tailored to meet the needs of the person in detox. An individualized treatment plan following heroin detox sets the person on a stable path towards attaining lifelong recovery form heroin and other drug addictions. An individualized treatment plan addresses the individual’s history with addiction, mental health diagnoses, genetics, and other factors that contribute to why someone became addicted to heroin. The detox centers in Huntington, New York, that we trust offer individualized treatment plans and will encourage each client to continue their recovery at a program that is best suited for their needs.

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