Heroin Detox Centers in Islip, NY

Heroin Detox Centers in Islip, NY

Heroin addiction is one of the hardest to overcome. The reasons that heroin holds people, hostage, for months, years, and in some cases decades, is because of the physical dependency that opioids cause. Opioid Use Disorder, OUD, occurs when a person uses opioids like heroin repeatedly and develops a tolerance to the effects. Once a person has a tolerance to opioids like heroin, they begin to use more to achieve the desired results. Chasing the high is what leads people who use heroin to become physically addicted.

Physical addiction to heroin occurs because as the opioid enters the brain, they bind to specific mu-opioid receptors that signal the brain to release a surge of pleasure-inducing brain chemicals called dopamine and endorphins. Both of these are naturally occurring brain chemicals that are responsible for how a person feels physically, emotionally, and mentally. The effects of heroin generally cause a person to feel peaceful and calm. Most people who use heroin describe the initial rush from the drug as a warm and sedating sensation. Heroin addicts are often searching for the best type of heroin and or the amount that gives them this type of rush.   

Heroin Detox Centers in Islip, NY

Find Heroin Detox in Islip, New York

Unfortunately, the long-term effects of heroin use also negatively affect the brain’s reward center. Over time, the normal responses that the brain’s reward center instigates will begin to be abnormal. The brain’s reward center is essential to how humans survive. It prompts humans to seek food, water, and sex; and all three-release dopamine and endorphins. When a person ingests heroin over and over for a prolonged amount of time, his or her reward center prompts them to seek out more heroin to achieve the dopamine and endorphin release. Heroin addiction reduces a person able to make safe and reasonable choices because their brain’s reward center is after heroin like it would be for food, water, or sex.

Although each person’s history of heroin use and addiction will be different, most addicts struggle with their heroin addiction for many years. Regardless of how hard a person attempts to quit heroin on their own without medications or treatment, the likelihood of relapse and a return to full-blown heroin addiction is very common. The answer on how to help a person remain clean from heroin long term is through a medically managed heroin detox center and opioid use disorder treatment.

The medications that are prescribed for heroin detox in Islip NY and out-of-state are methadone and buprenorphine. Both of these medications allow heroin addicts to get through the physical detoxification phase and then help them achieve long term recovery. Fortunately, these medications not only help negate heroin withdrawal symptoms but can also be used long term to help maintain recovery. The hundreds of thousands of testimonies from former heroin addicts who have achieved long term recovery from heroin addiction with the help of either methadone or buprenorphine are why these medications are the norm in any quality heroin addiction detox or treatment center.    

Islip NY Heroin Detox Programs

The National Institute on Drug Abuse also reports how effective methadone and buprenorphine are for heroin and other opioid use disorders. Not only are these medications safe and reliable, but they also help the brain’s reward center and other key brain functions that relate to addictive behaviors enough time to recover and return to a healthy status.

Methadone and buprenorphine DO NOT substitute one addiction for another. When someone is treated for opioid addiction, the dosage of medication used does not get them high–it helps reduce opioid cravings and withdrawal. These medications restore balance to the brain circuits affected by addiction, allowing the patient’s brain to heal while working toward recovery. (NIDA)

The Islip NY heroin detox centers that are available provide medically managed detoxification that relies on methadone and buprenorphine to help a person get clean from heroin quickly. The withdrawal symptoms that heroin addiction causes are the number one reason that heroin addicts cannot quit on their own. The symptoms are too severe. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to heroin, the first step is to get admitted into a heroin detox center.

The Islip NY heroin detox centers that we recommend in New York and out-of-state are all overseen by medical doctors who specialize in heroin detoxification and treatment. Once a person contacts our representatives, they can expect to be admitted into the heroin detox center within 24 hours or less. The centers that Long Island Interventions recommends provide medication upon arrival to prevent heroin withdrawal symptoms from getting worse or beginning at all. All clients are allowed to rest and sleep at detox. Once they have completed their heroin detox, they are encouraged to enter a heroin addiction treatment program.

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