Drug Rehab in Newburgh NY

Drug Rehab in Newburgh NY

People who become addicted to drugs suffer from the disease of addiction. Addiction is considered a disease of the brain. More importantly, over time the addict’s brain does not function normally because of the drugs influence on neurotransmitters normal functioning. When a person decides to take drugs and then continues to take them despite negative consequences is a result of the brain not performing normally. For an addict on Long Island to stop using we recommend enrolling in a drug rehab in Newburgh NY or out-of-state.

Drug Rehab Centers in Newburgh NY

Drug Rehabs in Newburgh, New York

Finding a drug rehab in Newburgh NY or out-of-state can be a challenge with some many choices out there. It’s important to choose a program that is personalized to your unique needs and requirements. According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction, NIDA, the choices a person makes rely on the proper functioning of their brain:

“Choices do not happen without a brain—it is the mechanism of choice. The quality of a person’s choices depends on the health of that mechanism. However, much we may wish that a person’s choices were free in all instances, it is simply a fact that an addicted person’s failures in the realm of choice are the product of a brain that has become greatly compromised—it is clear when we scan their brains. Even if taking a drug for the first time is a “free” choice, the progression of brain changes that occurs after that involves the weakening of circuits in the prefrontal cortex and elsewhere that are necessary for exerting self-control and resisting the temptations of drug use. Once addiction takes hold, there is greatly diminished capacity, on one’s own, to stop using. This is why psychiatry recognizes addiction as a disease of the brain, and why professional intervention is needed to treat it in most instances (NIDA).

Fortunately, drug addiction treatment programs have evolved to include a format that addresses addiction as a disease and therefore has higher success rates in helping someone remain clean and sober. In the past, substance abuse treatment programs did not offer treatment methods that considered the science of the brain and its normal functioning. Today, the drug rehab programs we advocate for in Newburgh are utilizing the most researched and proven methods for addiction treatment.

Throughout New York and the whole country, there are programs that incorporate individual counseling, group counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and dual diagnosis treatment. If you or someone you know needs help the addiction recovery specialists are available to place you or a family member into a drug rehab program today. There are specific programs for men, women and young adults throughout the state of New York. All drug rehabs in Newburgh, New York, that we endorse are state licensed and overseen by medical doctors and psychiatrists who are dedicated to the field of addiction recovery.

Contact our treatment specialists at Long Island Interventions and we will connect you with the best drug rehab centers in Newburgh, New York, and out-of-state.

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Our recommendations for success include a format of entering a medically supervised detox followed by drug rehab in Newburgh, New York, that is followed by some time in a sober living residence. If you need additional help in staying sober, we can connect you with sober coaches and sober companions that make the recovery journey much easier.

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