Drug Rehab in Valley Stream NY

Drug Rehab in Valley Stream NY

The drug epidemic in the United States is getting worse, and we know it. About 27 million Americans needed treatment for drug-related disorders in 2014 alone. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than half of these drug users were under the age of 18 years.

Valley Stream in Nassau County, New York is home to about 38,000 residents. The growing commercial settlement sits in the southwest part of Hempstead town, along the border with Queens. The village was ranked by Money Magazine “the best place to live in New York” in 2017. The village, which ranks seventh in drug abuse in Nassau County, recorded 51 overdoses and 5 fatalities in 2018. Drug Rehab in Valley Stream NY and out-of-state is available to help those struggling with substance abuse.

Drug Rehab Valley Stream

Effects of Drug Addiction

Drug use often starts as experimentation. Repeated use can affect a person’s self-control by inducing cravings. Chemicals from drugs flood the brain, which releases the pleasure-inducing chemical dopamine. With time, more dopamine, and in turn, higher doses or stronger drugs, are needed to achieve the same high. This is why many people abuse drugs until they become addicted. Drug addiction causes immediate and long-term adverse effects on a person’s health and relationships.

What to Expect in Valley Stream Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is the process of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances. This includes prescription drugs, opioids, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, or amphetamines. Rehab enables the patient to confront and ultimately cease substance use. It helps to avoid or reverse the mental, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that are caused by these substances.

Drug rehab treatments are designed to stop compulsive drug-seeking behavior and abuse. Treatment often takes many different forms and lasts for different lengths of time. The various forms of rehab include:

  1. Medical Detox: Drug detox rids the body of toxic drugs and helps the brain adjust its chemistry to compensate for the effects of drug use. It is done under the supervision of a therapist who helps to manage withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Inpatient program: It is also known as residential rehab. Inpatient programs are carried out in a monitored environment where you get medical attention as well as the emotional support to overcome drug addiction. Inpatient programs offer the highest level of treatment care, medically supervised detoxification, round-the-clock care, and support.
  3. Intensive outpatient program (IOP): outpatient rehab is recommended for addicts who need to go on with their everyday lives while making efforts to stay sober. The program is designed to maximize treatment while handling daily responsibilities.
  4. Partial Hospitalization (PHP): is in between inpatient rehab and IOP. You stay in the rehab center for a specified number of hours each week. You are not required to be admitted on a full-time basis. You simply come in for an appointment and go home. PHP is also highly structured. It allows more freedom of movement than a residential program.

Find Drug Rehab Centers in Valley Stream, NY

Addicts often suffer from other health, occupational, legal, familial, and social problems that should be addressed concurrently. For these reasons, the best rehab programs offer a combination of therapies and services.

At all of our accredited Valley Stream drug rehab centers, addiction experts will help you through the withdrawal stress and teach you to avoid triggers and temptations. Success is also matched with continued care and support. Experienced therapists will manage your recovery and help prevent future relapse through medication, physical support, and psychological counseling.

If you or loved one need drug rehab in Valley Stream NY or out-of-state, Long Island Interventions can help. Our affiliates are the best rehab centers in Nassau County. Call our helpline today.

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