Heroin Rehab in Hauppauge NY

Heroin Rehab in Hauppauge NY

The steps it takes for a heroin addict to get and remain clean from heroin begins with asking for help. Once this occurs, the person who is struggling has finally admitted that they have a problem and that they alone cannot stop or repair. Many heroin addicts will attempt to cut down on their heroin use before they realize that it doesn’t work. Addiction, in general, causes people to continue to take drugs and alcohol regardless of how much will power they exude, not too. Heroin is also physically addictive; therefore, heroin addicts will always need to take more and more of the drug to avoid the extreme physical discomfort that withdrawal causes from heroin.

Heroin Rehab in Hauppauge NY

Heroin Treatment in Hauppauge, New York

The next step for a heroin addict is to be open to getting help for their addiction. Some addicts will express a desire to get clean from heroin but because addiction is so powerfully rooted in a person’s mind, they often end up resisting help. Many addicts will claim that they don’t want that type of treatment, or that they know what is best for them, etc. None of those excuses are valid, and that is just the addict’s mind being in control- always with the addict unaware of it. The solution for a person who wants help but will not do whatever it takes to recover is to provide options to help them get clean. The treatment programs that we support offer individualized treatment plans, a variety of therapy methods, and activities that support an addict’s ability to improve their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being.  

The types of heroin treatment programs we connect clients to offer individualized treatment plans that are tailored to meet the needs of the individual. A treatment plan is designed by a licensed counselor, medical doctors who specialize in heroin addiction, and mental health practitioners. Some heroin addicts require more structure and group counseling, while others may do best with less structured day and more one on one counseling. 

All the heroin rehab programs we work with also utilize holistic therapy methods in their treatment programs for heroin addiction. Holistic therapy methods treat the whole person — mind-body-spirit and emotions. Holistic therapy is aimed at helping addicts learn stress management tools, relaxation techniques, increase creativity, grow spiritually, and learn ways to improve their physical health. Comprehensive treatment that includes holistic therapy also helps addicts heal their emotions. Emotional responses that cause a person to feel nervous, angry or sad can benefit from holistic therapy.  

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A robust and well-rounded treatment program that offers a variety of treatment methods must also utilize evidence-based forms of theory, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Evidence-based therapies, like CBT, is a type of psychotherapy that is completed with substance abuse, or other mental health counselors. CBT teaches heroin addicts to understand their emotional reactions to life’s stressors and relationships better. The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health, states how effective CBT is for treating addiction. 

Cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) models are among the most extensively evaluated interventions for alcohol- or illicit-drug-use disorders. Based primarily on addiction science researchers Marlatt and Gordon’s model of relapse prevention. These treatments target cognitive, affective, and situational triggers for substance use and provide skills training specific to coping alternatives. CBT treatment for alcohol or illicit drug use often includes the following strategies: (1) identifying intrapersonal and interpersonal triggers for relapse, (2) coping-skills training, (3) drug-refusal skills training, (4) functional analysis of substance use, and (5) increasing nonuse-related activities. (NCBI)

The heroin treatment programs that are available in Hauppauge NY utilize CBT, holistic therapy, as well as individualized counseling, group counseling, Narcotics Anonymous, or another recovery- centered meetings as the basis for their treatment program. The heroin rehab center in Hauppauge has programs available for men women and young adults. Every type of treatment program, either inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient, extended care, and sober living, utilize CBT because of its success rates on helping heroin addicts recover from their addictions. 

If you or your family member or friend is struggling with an addiction to heroin, the most crucial step is to get professional help from a treatment program that specializes in heroin addiction. To reach one of our treatment program specialists, call our number to begin the process of recovery. 

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