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Substance abuse continues to be a growing health concern in every suburban and metropolitan center of the United States. New York State is known to have one of the worst drug abuse records – rural areas not spared as well. In Oyster Bay, New York, many families have lost loved ones to the scourge of opioid abuse. A leading cause of addiction and overdose death among people of all ages, sex, and income levels is the illicit opioid medication, heroin.

Heroin’s negative impact on society is estimated at billions of dollars annually. Heroin addiction has torn families apart, disrupted the work environment, sent many youths to an early grave, and has led to an increase in violent crimes. It usually takes a lot more effort to reverse the damaging effects of heroin than those caused by other opioid medications. If you’re searching for heroin rehab in Oyster Bay, New York, then you’ve come to the right place.

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What Is Heroin?

Heroin belongs to a family of drugs known as opioids and has a very high potential for addiction. Heroin is formulated from morphine, a mind-altering substance obtained from resins produced by the seed pods of the opium poppy plant. It appears as a white or brown powder, which is injected with a needle. Heroin is also sniffed, snorted or smoked. The drug heroin also goes by various street names such as Junk, White Horse, China White, Smack, Brown Sugar, H, Black Tar, Horse, Ska, and Skunk.

Heroin use is both illegal and addictive. People who abuse heroin often start off misusing other prescription opioids. Some abusers even use the drug concurrently with other substances such as alcohol or cocaine, dramatically increasing their risk of addiction and overdose.

Heroin Takes On a New Identity

Fatal heroin overdoses are occurring at an alarming rate unexplainable by the addictive nature of the drug itself. In 2015 nearly 13,000 people were killed by heroin, compared with less than 4,000 in 2010. Numerous researches have shown that heroin isn’t as it used to be – it has become deadlier.

Before being sold in the drug market, dealers commonly lace heroin with other substances, intent on increasing its potency or on producing more volume of the drug. Common substances combined with heroin include the synthetic opioids Xylazine, Fentanyl and Carfentanil- substances with inherent adverse effects themselves. Unsuspecting users ingest this new variant of heroin without realizing just how deadly this new combination is.

The recent surge in heroin-related overdose deaths can be directly linked with the appearance of this lethal form of heroin in the illicit drug market. Since heroin has become more potent, users easily become overwhelmed by using the same quantity of the drug as they were accustomed to. Even if you believe you have developed a high tolerance for heroin, you still stand a high chance of overdosing on street heroin.

When consumed, fentanyl-laced heroin produces an intense high and can slow down your breathing rate to a level that poses a threat to normal physiological functioning. Such an individual can only be revived if they receive immediate medical attention. These sinister substances are becoming easier to access more than ever before. It is important to take practical steps to protect your loved ones from becoming victims of the heroin epidemic. Our recommended Oyster Bay heroin rehab centers are here to guide you or a loved one to long-term recovery.

What Are Some Adverse Effects Of Heroin?

Heroin use for any duration of time has negative consequences. Abusing heroin can adversely affect breathing rate and other basic life functions. Some of these adverse effects are short-term while others are far-reaching.

Short-Term Effects of Heroin Use

  • Apprehensiveness
  • Temporary feelings of euphoria
  • Depressed respiration
  • Dangerously low breathing rate
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Severe itching
  • Spontaneous abortion
  • The limpness of arm and legs

Long-Term Effects of Heroin Use

  • Physical dependence
  • Insomnia
  • Infection of the heart
  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Infectious diseases (Hepatitis B and C, HIV)
  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Lung problem
  • Sexual dysfunction in men

Is Heroin Addiction Treatable?

Yes. Like most chronic diseases, heroin addiction can be treated with the right kind of care. A wide array of treatment options are available for treating heroin addiction. heroin addiction treatment in Oyster Bay NY approaches usually include:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Pharmacological therapy (involves the use of medication)

When used separately, both approaches have proved effective in managing even cases of chronic heroin addiction. For some individuals, combining both forms of treatment yields the best result.

With the right type of medical care, the brain’s function can be restored to a degree of normalcy. Also, bodily damages can be reversed over time. Individuals with a protracted history of heroin addiction may require longer recovery than those with a casual brush with the drug. The success rate varies from one person to the next and may depend on factors such as the amount of the substance used, length of addiction and level of commitment to a recovery program.

From numerous studies, it has been established that pharmacological therapy increases retention rate in treatment programs.

Where can I Get Help for My Loved One’s Heroin Addiction?

Quitting heroin addiction can be very challenging for addicts. Many who have tried to quit on their own, later experience a relapse. Suddenly cutting back on your use of heroin can trigger painful withdrawal symptoms that are difficult to cope with. These symptoms may be severe but may not necessarily be life-threating.

As a first phase of the recovery process, many drug rehab centers often require the addict to undergo a medical detoxification process. While not a treatment itself, detoxification helps to cleanse the body of any traces of heroin and other addictive substances. During this phase, medications can assist the addicts in managing his cravings and easing other adverse physical symptoms.

It is important that you work with the right heroin treatment facility in order to increase your chances of achieving full recovery. For families of addicts, it can be overwhelming, knowing where to begin.

At Long Island Interventions, we help connect families with rehab centers in Oyster Bay NY and out-of-state with a history of successfully treating individuals struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our compassionate professionals understand the challenges addicts and their families undergo on a daily basis, and so are available to help you deal with your addiction problem.

Getting connected with the right facility takes only a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to contact us by phone or through our online contact form. Next, we will undergo a detailed analysis of your loved one’s heroin addiction problem. This will help us to identify the underlying cause of their addiction. We can then proceed to match you with a facility near you.

Before recommending a heroin rehab program in Oyster Bay, we typically consider a number of factors. These include:

  • Your family obligations
  • Your current location of residence
  • Your employment
  • Your financial resources

By recovering in a supportive environment you will be able to develop the skills and confidence needed to permanently overcome your heroin addiction. At Long Island Interventions we believe that everyone’s addiction is different, requiring unique approaches. As a result, we only work with interventionists that provide easy-to-follow, evidence-based Oyster Bay NY heroin rehab services that guarantee a stress-free recovery.

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Contact us today to take the stress out of your quest to seek help for your loved one’s substance abuse problem. You are only a phone call away from snatching your loved one from the grips of heroin addiction.

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