Heroin Rehab Centers in Syosset NY

Heroin Rehab Centers in Syosset NY

Addiction to heroin is one of the worst habits there is. People who use heroin daily must do so to prevent the onset of debilitating withdrawal symptoms. Like most drug users, heroin addicts do not intend to become addicted. However, because heroin alters the normal functioning of the brain’s neurochemistry, heroin addicts depend on heroin to  “get well.” The symptoms of heroin withdrawal resemble being sick. Nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, chills and sweating, muscle and bone pain, inability to sleep or eat, and severe cravings. We’ve teamed up with the best heroin detoxes in Syosset NY and out-of-state for a long lasting and comfortable solution.

Heroin rehab centers in Syosset NY

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The most common length of time a typical heroin addict remains addicted is usually many years, from as low as two years to ten years or higher. Heroin addiction takes over a person’s life, and they live for the drug. Their daily routine of working or going to school gets replaced with scoring drugs and finding ways to obtain money for more heroin. Usually, within two or three years of addiction, heroin addicts also start getting arrested for crimes related to theft, drug possession, and other illegal activity that supply them money. Although not every heroin addict’s story is the same most do follow this type of path once they are addicted.

The centers that we support that treat heroin addiction utilize Medication Assisted Treatment, or MATs, such as methadone, buprenorphine to help addicts resist cravings and to prevent withdrawal symptoms. MAT’s provide recovering heroin addicts a way to remain off heroin for a long enough amount of time so they can eventually attain sobriety. MAT’s are the preferred standard at any quality heroin rehab center. When combined with a program that incorporates individual counseling, group counseling, holistic therapies, relapse prevention, stress and anger management, programs that utilize MAT’s have the most significant numbers of success in helping heroin addicts quit.

The other recommended type of treatment for heroin addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT is a type of psychotherapy and helps the person to become aware of their inaccurate or negative thinking that results in poor choices and behaviors that ultimately cause uncomfortable emotions and stress. CBT is an evidence-based form of treatment that focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors and enables the  person to improve their emotional condition and learn how to develop coping strategies that focus on solving current problems.

Heroin Rehabs in Syosset, New York

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health CBT has a long history of helping addicts recover from drug addiction and has the data to prove it is working as part of a treatment program for heroin addiction.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches have among the highest level of empirical support for the treatment of drug and alcohol use disorders. (NCBI)

Because CBT is so effective in the treatment of heroin addiction, we recommend programs that include CBT. If you or a loved one needs help for their heroin addiction, there are programs available that provide medically supervised detox, residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and provide options for extended care and sober living. The heroin rehab programs that are available in Syosset NY are overseen by a cross-disciplinary team of doctors, psychiatrists, substance abuse counselors, and therapists who specialize in addiction.

In one phone call, our Syosset heroin rehab representatives can locate where a bed is available, find your behavioral health benefits in your insurance policy that will cover treatment, and make all door to door travel arrangements to place you in a program within 24 hours. It is vital that when a person is ready to get help for their addiction to heroin that they receive professional care quickly. Professional heroin addiction treatment centers will provide medication to negate withdrawal symptoms upon arrival to our recommended Syosset heroin treatment centers. This is the best course of action to prevent the addict from relapsing or suffering.

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