Heroin Rehab Centers in Valley Stream NY

Heroin Rehab Centers in Valley Stream NY

Opioid overdose has become the leading cause of death in America, killing more than car crashes, HIV, and guns combined. It is estimated that one person dies from an opioid overdose every minute. The leading opioid is Heroin.

The drug has an enticing allure that feeds its addiction. Heroin does this through an immediate sense of tranquility (high), only to trap the user in a vicious cycle after rewiring the brain.

New York is the largest metropolis in America. In addition to being home to over 8 million residents, she welcomes millions of tourists and commuters every year. What most people do not know is that New York has been a hotspot for drugs for decades. In recent years, the city has become a fatal wormhole with 7 in 10 overdoses involving an opioid.

Valley Stream is the seventh most active hotspot for opioid abuse in Nassau County. It accounted for 51 overdoses last fall. Our recommended heroin rehab centers in Valley Stream NY and out-of-state help opioid addicts achieve lasting recovery.

Heroin Rehab Valley Stream

What makes Heroin Addictive?

Heroin was initially used as medicine because it contains chemicals that relax the body and can relieve pain. Its availability on the street makes it a common recreational drug for its euphoric effects (high). The feeling is described as being “covered in a warm blanket, where worries are gone.”

Heroin is miscible with water and usually injected into the bloodstream. It is also smoked or snorted up the nose. These ways of administration send it to the brain very quickly.

Heroin acts rapidly by binding to opioid receptors in the brain. This results in feelings of arousal and pleasure. Over time, it hijacks and rewires the brain to think of heroin as an essential chemical. Tolerance builds up, and increased doses are needed to achieve the same high. Once you’re addicted to this drug, a heroin rehab in Valley Stream NY has the medically-assisted treatment approach to help you or a loved one recover safely.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this “high” has resulted in an epidemic so severe that it has reduced life expectancy in America.

Effects of Heroin Addiction

Short and Long-term use of heroin can lead to:

  • Severe itchiness.
  • Restlessness.
  • Memory problems.
  • Runny and/or sore nose.
  • A severe lapse in personal hygiene.
  • Muscle and bone pain.
  • Collapsed veins.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Skin infections (like abscesses and cellulitis).
  • High risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.
  • Lung diseases (like pneumonia and tuberculosis).
  • Miscarriage and birth deformity

Heroin Rehab is Available in Valley Stream, NY

Regular use of heroin can lead to tolerance and addiction. This means users need more to feel normal or great through a day. Most addicts attempt to quit on their own, and they end up with severe withdrawal symptoms or even die. This is a valid reason to seek professional help if you or a loved one is struggling with heroin addiction.

The location should not be a barrier to seeking much-needed help. If you are a resident of Valley Stream, our resources at Long Island Interventions will help you to get your life back. You will access addiction experts at our Heroin Rehab Centers in Valley Stream who will guide you through a comprehensive addiction treatment program to rid your system of heroin.

In addition, the availability of professional support will help you or your loved one to manage any withdrawal symptoms. In order to forestall relapses, you will also develop coping skills within a system that deploys empathy and knowledge to help addicts achieve long-term recovery.

Take the first step towards freedom from heroin addiction today. Call our helpline for a confidential assessment.

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