Heroin Rehab Programs Westbury, NY

Heroin Rehab Programs Westbury, NY

When people become addicted to heroin, their life begins to fall apart rapidly. In the first several months of heroin addiction, most addicts will start to change negatively. Their priorities are centered around getting heron. They lose interest in their families and friends and how they care for themselves. After a year has passed, the heroin addict typically stops working and begins lying to friends and family about why they need money. In a few years, most likely, the heroin addict will also start to commit crimes to support their heroin addiction. Eventually, heroin addicts will also face legal problems concerning their addiction, or rather how they illegally obtain money to buy it. Our recommended heroin rehab programs in Westbury NY and out-of-state follow a solution-focused approach to treating opioid addiction.

Westbury NY Heroin Addiction Treatment

The progressive downward spiral of heroin addiction often leads people to serve time in jail, become homeless, and destroy their relationships with their family members. Another sad effect of heroin addiction is how it can harm a person’s health.  Heroin addicts typically use needles and are at high risk of being exposed to dangerous illnesses like HIV or Hepatitis C. According to Nassau county government, in time, heroin addicts also damage areas of their brain that affect judgment and how well a person copes with everyday life.

 Studies have shown some loss of the brain’s white matter associated with heroin addiction, which may affect decision-making, behavior control, and responses to stressful situations. (NCG)

Understanding and treating heroin addiction is not accomplished through detoxification or waiting to see if a person can quit on their own. Most heroin addicts realize that they are addicted and dislike how much they suffer when they run out of heroin. Because heroin and all opiate drugs cause debilitating withdrawal symptoms, in time, addicts desperately want to be free of their addiction. However, without professional help, they cannot succeed on their own.

The programs we support provide medically supervised detox services followed by treatment. Although detox is essential to help the addict get clean, it does not provide the tools for recovery. Recovering from heroin addiction is a lifelong commitment. This commitment requires a solid foundation to be realized. The treatment programs that are available in Westbury, NY, depend on evidence-based types of therapy to help the person understand their diseases and how to cope with it.

Best Heroin Treatment Centers in Westbury NY

The most documented type of evidence-based treatment that is proven to help heroin addicts get and remain clean off heroin is cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT helps addicts learn to recognize how a person’s way of thinking creates problems. It is a type of psychotherapy that helps a person evaluate how they react to situations and to develop a better understanding of the behavior and motivation of others. CBT also helps a person to develop a greater sense of confidence in their abilities.

The heroin rehab programs that we place people in utilize CBT in combination with group therapy, stress and anger management, one on one counseling, holistic treatment, and introduce people to how effective the 12 step and other recovery meetings are. We recommend that a heroin addict be placed into a treatment program immediately after they complete a medically supervised detox. The centers we work with offer these services in Westbury, NY, and throughout the Long Island area.

If you or your loved one is suffering from heroin addiction, the best course of action is to get professional help from one of the rehabs we connect people to. These programs are available for men, women, and young adults. The timeframe of each treatment program range in commitment, from 30 to 90 days or more. The longer a person commits to a treatment program the better their chances are of remaining clean for good.

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