Heroin Treatment in Riverhead, New York

Heroin Treatment in Riverhead, New York

The nationwide heroin addiction epidemic continues to destroy countless lives and forever displace and harm thousands of individuals every day. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the numbers of people addicted to heroin are shocking. Since the 1990’s when prescription opioids were overprescribed, many people become addicted to painkillers and then found themselves later getting addicted to heroin. The cost of this addiction to the economy is also high and eye-opening: Over 75 billion dollars a year is spent or wasted concerning heroin and other opioid addictions.

Heroin Treatment in Riverbend, New York

Riverhead NY Heroin Rehab Programs

There are advanced Riverhead NY heroin treatment methods proven to help a person overcome their addiction to heroin for good. The most recent application of evidence-based forms of therapy and treatment has led to the successful decrease of heroin use and addiction. The heroin treatment programs we connect clients to rely on science-based treatment methods. The most successful Riverhear, New York heroin treatment programs we support depend on cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy as primary treatments to help their patients end their addiction.

Every day, 128 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids like heroin…The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total “economic burden” of prescription opioid misuse alone in the United States is $78.5 billion a year, including healthcare costs, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice involvement… In the late 1990s, pharmaceutical companies reassured the medical community that patients would not become addicted to prescription opioid pain relievers… this subsequently led to widespread diversion and misuse of these medications before it became clear that these medications could indeed be highly addictive. (NIDA, 2020)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps individuals learn how to identify and address problematic cognitive distortions and behaviors. Many heroin addicts need help to understand how they can improve their emotions by recognizing how their thoughts and actions lead to less favorable feelings. Cognitive Behavioral therapy helps the individual develop an awareness of how their thoughts and what they believe is true or not can improve or worsen their emotional and mental health. It also teaches them valuable coping skills that target solving current problems.

Treatment Methods for Heroin Dependency

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is similar to CBT but targets a person’s emotional reactions more in-depth. Many heroin-addicted people share trauma and abuse in their life stories. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy identifies trauma-related responses and helps the individual understand and heal these conflicts slowly. Like CBT, DBT is also evidence-based psychotherapy that is useful in treating mood disorders and correcting negative behaviors that lead to self-harm and further substance abuse.

Other symptoms, such as alertness and talkativeness, can be a result of crack cocaine use and addiction. The signs that someone has become addicted to crack cocaine will include neglecting essential responsibilities, avoiding family and friends, staying out of the home more frequently, financial difficulties, legal issues, becoming an unemployed or missing school, agitation and irritability, depression and anxiety, and weight loss.

Find Heroin Treatment in Riverhead, NY

The treatment programs that offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy as part of their heroin addiction treatment program are available for men, women, and young adults. In combination with evidence-based forms of treatment, these centers also provide the following types of therapy and treatment for Heroin addiction:

  • Individual counseling
  • Small group counseling
  • Holistic therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MATs)
  • Medically supervised detox
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

To get access to the heroin treatment program in Riverhead, New York today, please reach out to one of our substance abuse treatment program representatives. Our reps will provide information on bed availability, identify the most coverage from an insurance plan, make alternative payment arrangements, handle all door to door travel, as well as providing all the details about the programs you or a loved one needs. We make having you or your loved one admitted into a heroin addiction treatment program our priority. In most cases, we can have a person admitted within 24 hours. 

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