How Much Does an Intervention Cost?

An intervention is a great way to guide your loved one into making the right decision about getting addiction treatment. The cost of an intervention can range depending on what is expected and the variety of services included in the intervention package. At Long Island Interventions, we operate a crisis team with certified interventionists and can provide a comprehensive quote so you can get a better idea of the cost.

There are many factors that go into intervention pricing so it’s difficult to provide an exact figure without a personalized assessment. However, for a properly executed intervention, it can cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars, depending on the requirements. It can be tempting to go with the lowest priced option, but remember that this service is designed to save your loved one’s life, and you can’t put a price on that. We understand that if someone you know is struggling with addiction, you have many questions. One of those is often—how much does an intervention cost? In this uncertain time of searching for help, it’s crucial to connect with an addiction resource that you can fully trust.

Our addiction intervention specialists are trained to let the family know what to expect during an intervention so that you’re well prepared. The ultimate goal of an addiction intervention is to get the substance abuser to accept help and enter drug treatment. For some families, this is a last-ditch effort because all other avenues of reaching the afflicted individual have failed.

To put it simply, an intervention for drug and alcohol addiction is a gathering of family and concerned loved ones that is facilitated by a trained addiction interventionist. Those gathered will confront the addicted individual in an effort to bring about change in that person’s destructive behavior by entering a treatment program. Crisis-based and family interventions have been used widely with success over the past few decades. They help save the lives of addicts and alcoholics that are often deemed almost hopeless by family members. The fact that you’re considering an intervention is a testament to how dire the situation has become. If you’re worried about the cost of an intervention, now is the time to contact us for an assessment.

A drug and alcohol intervention can provide the needed nudge for the addicted person to realize how he/she is affecting loved ones and provide motivation to enter treatment. There’s no way of knowing how the intervention will exactly unfold and what will happen, but a well-planned intervention could be the last hope for saving an addict’s life from continued misery or even death.

Our addiction specialists are able to oversee the intervention process to ensure that everything goes smoothly and your loved one receives the support, guidance, and care that he/she desperately needs. Interventions are emotionally charged but they provide family members the best opportunity to itemize the specific types of suffering they’ve experienced in an attempt to help the addict see the harmful effects of his/her behavior.

Finding an experienced and certified addiction interventionist is only a phone call away.

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