Men’s Addiction Treatment

Men’s Addiction Treatment

Gender-specific addiction treatment addresses the unique challenges that men face when fighting substance abuse. A men’s drug rehab is able to address the social, psychological, and biological aspects that drive men to abuse drugs and alcohol.  Relationships during active addiction often cause a downward spiral for both men and women, therefore it is important during the treatment process to offer gender-specific addiction therapy.

Men’s Addiction Treatment Long Island

Gender-Specific Addiction Therapy

Men’s addiction treatment allows for men to comfortably share and express gender-specific issues they are dealing with. During process group therapy, the exclusion of the opposite sex which have a positive effect on the recovery process for men. Gender-specific addiction therapy in a men’s drug rehab promotes openness and acceptance on the road to sobriety.

In early recovery relationships are discouraged and for good reason. This crucial time period is for working on yourself and your core issues. Many addicts in early recovery are not comfortable with themselves sober, and devoting time to someone else could be a recipe for relapse. In men’s addiction treatment, all of these issues are explored by trained therapists in individual counseling sessions and process group therapy.

Men’s drug rehab is structured to address all components of the disease of addiction and any underlying behavioral health issues. When conducted effectively, men’s addiction treatment and gender-specific therapy offer real solutions to the unique challenges faced by drug addicted men in Long Island.

Men’s Addiction Treatment for Long Island Residents

Long Island Interventions offers complete addiction resources and men’s drug rehab placement in our partnered facilities. Men’s addiction treatment for Long Island residents is only a phone call away. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, the first step is to admit that there is a problem so you can reach out for help. Our vast network of resources includes placement for drug detoxinpatient rehaboutpatient therapy, along with setting up interventions and aftercare planning.

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