Maintaining Your Recovery Through the Holidays

The end of the year brings about many holiday celebrations and for some addicts it can be difficult to remain sober. With family gatherings, festivities, and presents, this should be a joyous and happy time. However, many addicts and alcoholics in recovery experience phases of relapse around this time. Let’s break down how to avoid relapse during the holidays so that you and your loved ones have a positive holiday experience. Maintaining your recovery through the holidays is a challenge for many people, but it doesnt’ have to be!

maintaining your recovery

Avoid Relapse on the Holidays

Whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Year’s, the last few months of each calendar year are very busy in terms of holidays. Recovering addicts often ask for advice during this time on how to avoid relapse during the holidays. As you enjoy and celebrate this joyful season with family and friends, you should also take the opportunity to be thankful for your recovery, as that is truly a gift worth celebrating. If you find yourself struggling emotionally during the holidays, we’ve compiled a list of tips and suggestions that can help you overcome the challenges that many addicts and alcoholics face during early recovery around the holiday period:

  • PLAN EACH DAY – Make sure that you have a solid plan in place for each day during the holiday season, so that you’re ready and prepared to spend time with family and friends that are supportive of your recovery. Stay away from any negativity that could trigger cravings.
  • FIND TWELVE STEP MEETINGS – If you’re going to be away from home during the holidays, it’s a good idea to find twelve step meetings in your area, and attend those meetings regularly, regardless of whether you are traveling. Your recovery should always come first!
  • FAMILY SUPPORT – Your loved ones that are supportive of your recovery journey, they will be happy to help you and will be there for you if you’re feeling down.
  • SOBER SUPPORT – If you have a sponsor, talk to him or her every day during this time. They will provide additional guidance and advice on how to avoid relapse during the holidays.
  • PEOPLE & PLACES & THINGS – If during the holidays in your active addiction you frequented certain establishments, areas, or interacted with specific individuals when you were using, it’s best to stay away from these possible triggers.
  • YOU CAN DO IT! – You’re strong and deserve to be happy during the holidays. Make this holiday season a solid foundation upon which you can continue rebuilding your life in recovery.

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Struggling with staying sober during the holidays?

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