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Arms Acres Rehab Center

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Addiction Resource Overview

When it comes to Arms Acres treatment center in Carmel, New York, this facility offers both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs. The focus of Arms Acres drug rehab is to provide a solution-focused approach to treating substance abuse disorders. A personalized treatment plan is given to each patient upon intake to make sure all men and women under the care of Arms Acres are treated on an individual basis. A cookie-cutter approach does not work in addiction counseling, and Arms Acres rehab center believes in this principle very strongly.

Arms Acres Rehab Center

Arms Acres in Carmel, New York

Residents across New York often choose Arms Acres in Carmel NY because the facility is centrally located and offers multiple levels of care. From inpatient and residential programs to outpatient therapy, Arms Acres is able to accommodate any situation. They accept chronic relapses and experienced addicts along with users that have recently started abusing drugs. Regardless of your financial situation, Arms Acres accepts health insurance and offer a sliding scale payment system.

For more information on Arms Acres Treatment Center in Carmel NY, please contact us a confidential assessment and drug rehab placement resources.

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