What to Pack for Rehab

Many people are unprepared when it comes to getting ready for addiction treatment. This is often the first step in your journey to recovery and one of the most important decisions that can be truly life changing. So you’ve decided to address your substance abuse problem. It takes a lot of courage to find the strength to ask for help and residential addiction treatment is the most effective course of action you can take.

In an inpatient rehab program, there are rules in place that all patients must abide by, so it’s important to know what to pack for rehab. Since you’re going to be in a structured, restricted, and supervised setting, it’s recommended to bring with you enough essentials such as clothing for a 5-7 day supply. Let’s go over in detail the do’s and dont’s of what to pack for rehab.

what to pack for rehab

What to Bring to Rehab

  • Clothing – Every drug rehab program has a list of what you’re allowed to wear, and you can request the guidelines/specifics of their clothing policy before you enter the facility. Many treatment centers encourage exercise, so it’s a good idea to bring some workout clothes with you, as you may get sweaty. Also, a nicer outfit is recommended, in-case you have visitors or if the facility goes on a trip.
  • Toiletries – Some rehabs will help you with basic toiletries, but we recommend to bring your own (toothpaste and toothbrush to last 30 days). Items that contain alcohol such as perfume, cologne, and mouthwash, you should leave at home.
  • Essential Documents – Bring your identification card, a copy of your health insurance information, and any other important documents that the rehab may request. It’s good to be prepared for your stay, so no issues arise during the intake process.
  • Medication – Bring any prescriptions or medication (in original bottles) that you are taking, and want to continue taking during your stay. Of course, the medication should be non-narcotic, and not contribute to your dependency issues. The medication will be stored away and you may not be able to hold on to it during your stay. Most treatment programs have doctors and nurses on-site that can prescribe any additional medication.
  • Personal Items – There will be downtime during your treatment stay, so it will be a good time to enrich yourself in an excellent book or take on a hobby such as journaling.

What Not to Bring To Rehab

  • Drugs and Alcohol – The most obvious, do not bring any drugs or liquids that contain alcohol. You’re entering the rehab program to recover from substance abuse, and that begins the moment you step through the doors.
  • Electronic cigarettes – While vaporizers (e-cigs) have become popular, drug rehab programs do not allow them to be used indoors.
  • Cell phones/laptops – Mobile phones and laptops are a distraction and take the focus off yourself during this crucial time for recovery. Many treatment programs will have a community computer that can be used if needed.
  • Weapons and Sharp Objects – These are dangerous and not allowed in a therapeutic and safe environment.
  • Food and Drinks – All food and drinks are provided by the facility, and there may be opportunities to buy additional snacks at designated times and locations.
  • Games, Playing Cards etc – Most rehab centers have recreational games and activities that you can engage in during your downtime.

We hope this guide has helped you in preparing for your treatment experience. The more prepared you are and better understand what to pack for rehab, the more you will be able to focus on your therapy over the course of your rehabilitation. Make sure to inform your family that you’ve decided to go to treatment. Some rehab centers do not allow phone calls during the first few days, so it may be difficult to reach your loved ones.

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