Opioid Epidemic in Long Island NY

The opioid epidemic in Long Island NY and the surrounding areas is affecting the lives of many people, including the families that are struggling with helping their addicted loved ones. The towns and communities across Long Island that are touched by the scourge of opioid addiction are low on resources. Our mission at Long Island Interventions is to tackle the opioid epidemic in Long Island NY head on with a variety of services at our disposal.

Finding the right treatment center is not an easy task, especially with so many choices out there. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that not every drug rehab in Long Island and out-of-state has an addict’s best interests in mind. Our recovery advocates are here to navigate you or your loved one to the treatment program that has the appropriate level of care to safely assist you.

More people are dying from opioid overdose-related deaths in Nassau and Suffolk counties than ever before. In 2016, it was a record-breaking year, with 493 opioid overdose deaths across Long Island, according to a report by the medical examiner’s office. This trend has no end in sight, that’s why it is crucial to provide the appropriate assistance and treatment opportunities for those that need it most.

With a wide range of addiction treatment services, we’re a leader in providing real solutions to substance abuse for Long Island residents. From drug detox to inpatient rehab and sober coaching, we understand what services addicts need to stay sober. The Long Island drug rehabs we work with specialize in treating opioid addiction and dependence. Clients attend daily group therapy sessions along with seeing an individual counselor for one-on-one sessions. During these process groups, the facilitator is able to explore the underlying causes of a person’s substance abuse. Clients are encouraged to freely share their thoughts and emotions with other group members also struggling with these same problems.

With an atmosphere that is conducive to long-term recovery, our drug rehabs in Long Island and out-of-state are equipped to battle the opioid and heroin addictions. Don’t become the next statistic, reach out for help and begin the journey to a drug-free life.

If you or a loved one are searching for substance abuse treatment in Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island NY, then you’re in the right place. Drug rehab for Long Island residents is only a phone call away. Many people who develop a substance use disorder find it very difficult to stop using without professional help. If you or someone you know is looking for a detoxdrug rehabintervention, or outpatient drug rehab, our addiction resource center can help.

Long Island Interventions provides an opportunity for those struggling with substance abuse to recover safely. We believe in Long Island drug rehab programs that are solution-focused and evidence-based and our recovery advocates have decades of combined experience.

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