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Addiction Treatment That Works

Long Island Interventions is a trusted provider of interventions that confront, support, and guide individuals struggling with substance abuse or behavioral dependencies towards seeking treatment and making positive changes in their lives. The addiction treatment programs within our network (Recreate Behavioral Health Network) utilize a variety of traditional evidence-based treatment techniques, plus complementary therapy, coaching, and rehab options that emphasize commitment, responsibility, and personal healing.

Our Mission

Long Island Interventions provides compassionate and discreet treatment and supportive therapies for people who suffer from substance use disorders. We help clients overcome their dependency and regain their health and well-being. Our trained specialists are dedicated to helping our clients thrive as they recover from their addiction.

Our Commitment to Care

Professionalism, compassion, and evidence-based care are the keystones of our practice at Long Island Interventions.


Our licensed and credentialed professionals have developed their skill sets over several years by studying preventive and addiction medicine and engaging in clinical training. They utilize their life experience, education, and training to encourage their clients to develop and grow while acknowledging their cultural and social circumstances.


Compassionate support is an essential part of addiction recovery. Our clients learn to nurture compassion for themselves and others to build strong social connections and make positive changes. They come to accept that serious mistakes can be part of being human and learn to forgive themselves as they develop a sense of purpose and accountability.

Evidence-Based Care

People will respond differently to individual addiction treatments, so we favor an evidence-based approach that uses research to guide clinical decision-making. Evidence-based treatments utilize behavioral therapies and other supportive modalities that have been proven to be effective in mitigating addiction.

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