Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Attending an intensive outpatient program is recommended as part of a well-rounded treatment plan that targets drug addiction and alcoholism. Long-term sobriety requires ongoing, intensive treatment and a strong support network. Intensive outpatient programs on Long Island and out-of-state provide clients with continued care and support through a convenient yet powerful addiction treatment program in an IOP level of care.

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When clients attend an intensive outpatient program, they are able to develop the skills and relationships needed to sustain recovery from alcohol and other drug use while keeping up with job, school, and family commitments. Most IOP’s offer a day/night treatment program, giving clients the opportunity to attend treatment sessions in the morning or evening.

IOP Therapies

A set of core services is essential to all intensive outpatient treatment efforts and should be a standard part of the treatment package for every client (NCBI). An intensive outpatient addiction treatment program is a good fit for addicts and alcoholics that need structure and support in their recovery process. The main components of intensive outpatient treatment generally include:

Intensive outpatient programs in long island

IOP Programs for Long Island, Queens, Staten Island Residents

There are many intensive outpatient programs that cater to Long Island, Queens, and Staten Island residents. It is important to select an IOP program that will personalize your treatment plan to fit your unique personal needs. Some clients require more psychoeducational process groups, while others need skills-development, and so on. Our certified interventionists can help you or your loved one prepare to enter an IOP program. Give us a call to learn more today!

Intensive outpatient programs are not directly offered by Long Island Interventions. However, we do recognize that this type of addiction treatment is often necessary and vital to one’s long-term recovery from substance abuse. 

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