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Addiction Resource Overview

Alcoholics Anonymous twelve-step meetings are held throughout Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, every single day. AA is a worldwide fellowship of alcoholics that are committed to staying sober through maintaining twelve-step principles of sobriety. Through shared experience, strength and hope, AA members solve their common problems together and help others to recover from the disease of alcoholism.

Alcoholics Anonymous in Suffolk County

What is alcoholism? It’s defined as a physical compulsion and mental obsession to drink alcohol despite negative consequences. The life of an alcoholic will spiral out of control quickly and become unmanageable once he/she starts drinking again. The popular motto “one is too many, a thousand is never enough” rings true when it comes to alcoholics. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Suffolk County can help alcohol abusers stay sober.

If you’d like more information about Alcoholics Anonymous in Suffolk County, please don’t hesitate to contact us around the clock. All calls are free and 100% confidential.

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