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Addiction Resource Overview

Medically monitored inpatient detox services are available for patients that need to be in a hospital to recover from substance abuse. The medically-monitored inpatient detox treatment that is offered at Talbot House in Bohemia, New York is an organized inpatient substance abuse withdrawal management service.


At Talbot House in Bohemia, New York, the medically supervised withdrawal unit is managed by highly trained medical experts and addiction specialists that focus on medically monitored inpatient withdrawal services.

About Talbot House in Bohemia, New York

Talbot House is a 24-hour voluntary residential stabilization center licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) to provide short-term medically monitored inpatient withdrawal services to adult men and women who are in crisis.

The facility provides nourishing meals, counseling, limited transportation, support groups, and referrals. As a chemical dependency residential stabilization center, the facility also provides clinical assessments, support for co-occurring disorders as well as medically supported detox (also known as drug and alcohol detoxification).

The medical experts and addiction specialists all work together to design a personalized treatment plan for each individual. The length of stay depends on each patient’s treatment needs and financial capabilities. The major goal of Talbot House is to ensure that all patients find full recovery.

Catholic Charities Talbot House

Drug Detox in Bohemia, New York

All patients are initially admitted to the facility through a confidential assessment. During this period, the medical staff carefully pays attention to the patients to ensure that they safely withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. This process, referred to as detox, is an important step for a full recovery to be achieved.

Medical treatment programs are designed to meet the needs of each patient. Thus, the length of stay in this facility will depend on each individual. The medical experts and specialists work together to develop the patients’ treatment plans. Once the medical condition of the patient has stabilized, he or she will be transferred to the residential treatment program.

Talbot House Residential Treatment

The residential treatment includes education about addiction and counseling. Patients are assigned specialists that will work with them throughout their stay. The specialists will educate them about the effects of depending on addictive substances. The specialists will also review their history with chemicals, the effects these chemicals have had on their lives and those close to them as well as the consequences of substance abuse.

At Talbot House in Bohemia, New York, the residential treatment services include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Free initial consultation
  • In-depth clinical and mental health assessment and support
  • Medically monitored withdrawal
  • Stabilization
  • Counseling
  • Education about substance abuse

Begin Your Recovery

The Talbot House medically monitored inpatient withdrawal program is one of the numerous options that are available for men, women, and families that are in search of residential treatment in Bohemia, New York. Contact one of our addiction specialists today to learn more about the Talbot House drug detox in Bohemia, New York. Your calls will be treated with 100% confidentiality.

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