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Addiction Resource Overview

Are you searching for NUMC Detox in East Meadow NY? For addicts that have tried to get clean and sober and continuously return to their old way of life, the possibility of ever staying clean for good may seem impossible. This is the most common belief that all recovering addicts had at one time in their lives. To attain long-term recovery all an addict must do is keep trying. The road to recovery begins with asking for help. Most addicts begin their recovery with detox and luckily, in East Meadow NY detox is available and accessible.

NUMC Drug & Alcohol Detox

The Nassau University Medical Center, NUMC, is where many chronic drug addicts have regained their will to remain clean and sober and start a new life in recovery. NUMC assists the addict in detoxification with medical supervision, followed by an inpatient drug addiction treatment program. This center utilizes a comprehensive addiction recovery program that helps newly recovering addicts learn how to remain clean.


The recovery programs they offer include individual and group counseling, relapse prevention skills and science-based treatment methods that promote emotional healing and build self-esteem.

Many addictions cause physical dependency and require a medically supervised detox before they can begin treatment. The programs we advocate for in East Meadow NY offer detox with medical supervision for heroin, cocaine, meth, Xanax, alcohol addictions. Addiction to these substances is the most common that requires medication to safely withdraw from. For a person who is addicted to these drugs and others, it is critical that they do not attempt to detox alone as it can lead to relapse and may cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Nassau University Medical Center Detox Program

Our recommended substance abuse treatment programs offer detox that is overseen by a staff of medical professionals that specialize in addiction recovery. The NUMC Chemical Dependency Detoxification (DETOX) Unit specializes in providing medical supervision to persons who experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Once a person has withdrawn off the substance the next step is to admit them into a treatment program. Detox alone will not help the addict remain clean and sober.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states:

Detoxification is the process of allowing the body to rid itself of a drug while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. Detox alone is not treatment but is often the first step in a drug treatment program. Treatment with behavioral therapy and/or medication (if available) should follow detox.  (NIDA)

For information on entering a detox in East Meadow NY the first step is to contact one of our addiction recovery specialists. They will be able to arrange detox and treatment at one of the treatment centers we recommend within 24 hours.

Contact our addiction helpline around the clock to speak with a treatment specialist. All calls are 100% free and confidential.

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