New York Addiction Treatment Centers

Locating an addiction treatment center in New York used to be extremely difficult. The cost, location, and accessibility were all barriers in getting your loved one help quickly. Fortunately, the nationwide heroin addiction epidemic has allowed for the introduction of several professional addiction treatment centers in New York. Although the epidemic is still one of our countries most prevalent health crises, the government of New York has also stepped up in its responsibilities for aiding the reduction of the epidemic.

New York Addiction Treatment Centers

If you or a loved one are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, there is help available that will take you on the road to recovery. The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) now provides:

 “a full continuum of services to a large and diverse population of approximately 260,000 unique individuals each year. OASAS certified and funded providers deliver services in prevention, treatment, and recovery settings. The addiction treatment services provided in the OASAS system include inpatient, outpatient, residential, methadone, and crisis services. In addition, there are school- and community-based prevention services as well as intervention, treatment, support, and recovery services” (OASAS).

Addiction Treatment for New York Residents

The need for more New York addiction treatment centers is finally being met. If you or someone you love needs treatment for their addictions the first step is to speak with one of our addiction recovery specialists to discuss an intervention.

Most addiction treatment programs in New York are utilizing a comprehensive science-based format for addiction recovery treatment. Most programs are overseen by a full medical team of doctors, psychiatrists, and counselors who specialize in addiction recovery. The programs offered typically include cognitive behavioral therapy, medically supervised detox, inpatient and outpatient care as well as interventions and sober living environments or SLE’s.

Find Addiction Treatment Programs in New York

Addiction treatment programs in New York have structured programs available for men and women and programs for dual diagnosis and young adults. The most important part of a personal journey towards becoming clean and sober is an entry into a professional addiction recovery treatment program. Without professional help for an addiction, the likelihood of relapse is unfortunately very high.

Most rehab programs in New York combine individual counseling, holistic therapy methods, relapse prevention, and group therapy meetings that address specific issues related to addiction. These topics include coping with trauma, increasing self-esteem, anger management, stress management, nutrition, and the role of the family as it relates to addiction.

Addiction Resources for New York

You are not alone in the fight against substance abuse. There are a variety of addiction resources available for residents throughout the whole state of New York:

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