Alcohol Rehab Oyster Bay NY

Alcohol Rehab Oyster Bay NY

For most alcoholics, the very suggestion of getting sober is a nightmare. Like the hardest drug addict, alcoholics must rely on alcohol to help them cope and its how they enjoy life. So how does someone who depends on alcohol to get through the day stop for good? The only answer is for them to go to a professional Oyster Bay NY alcohol rehab center where they offer specialized treatment programs for alcoholism. The facts are true, and that is the likelihood of an alcoholic getting sober alone and remaining sober, so long term is extremely low.

alcohol rehab oyster bay

Our specialists can help you find a program for alcoholism that will not only get you or your loved one sober but help them realize whole-heartedly that life can be enjoyed without alcohol.

A good alcohol treatment center focuses on the individual needs of the person. No two alcoholics are the same, and a quality program will address the differences through the types of treatment programs they have. It essential that professional alcohol treatment plans include individual counseling, group therapy, holistic therapy methods, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy, along with specialized treatment options such as dual diagnosis.

What Oyster Bay NY Alcohol Rehabs Are Recommended?

The treatment centers we recommend provide evidence-based therapy such as CBT. CBT has measurable results that have proven to help severe alcoholics remain sober for life. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), references CBT as a quality method for treating alcoholism:

“Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy can take place one-on-one with a therapist or in small groups. This form of therapy is focused on identifying the feelings and situations (called “cues”) that lead to heavy drinking and managing stress that can lead to relapse. The goal is to change the thought processes that lead to excessive drinking and to develop the skills necessary to cope with everyday situations that might trigger problem drinking” (NIAAA).

There Are Many Different Types of Programs

The types of programs that include evidence-based therapies like CBT that we recommend for alcoholism include inpatient, also called residential treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment. These programs offer around the clock support. It is important that a person who has decided to enter an alcohol rehab that they have professional support available to them throughout their treatment stay. The treatment centers we work with are all professionally staffed by medical practitioners who specialize in alcohol use disorder, also known as alcoholism.

To find out if one of these programs is available in Oyster Bay, NY, the first step is to speak with one of our alcohol rehab specialists. They will conduct a short interview to determine what treatment programs are best for you or your loved one. They will also offer advice on how to enter detox if needed to be followed by treatment. We can place people into an Oyster Bay alcoholism treatment program within 24 hours of contacting us. Our specialists will also assist you in understanding what type of insurance plan you have and how much it will cover.

The road to recovery from alcoholism must begin under the care of a professional alcohol treatment program in Oyster Bay NY or out-of-state. For nearly all recovering alcoholics who have maintained their sobriety long term is because they received quality treatment first. Once you or your loved one has admitted that they need help, the denial of the problem has ended, and this is the very beginning of recovery.

Addiction Resources in Oyster Bay, New York

To get provide help to someone who is addicted to opioids, the most important step is to assure them that they will receive medication to help them tolerate the physical withdrawal symptoms. The next step is to have them make a brief phone call so that their needs can be assessed, and treatment can be arranged accordingly. Alcohol Rehab Oyster Bay NY has medically supervised detox programs available all throughout New York City and the state. Their treatment centers are modern and comfortable, with highly trained addiction specialists available 24/7. Each client will receive the highest standards of medical care licensed by the state of New York.

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