Alcoholism Help in Islip, New York

Alcoholism Help in Islip, New York

Alcoholism, also known as Alcohol Use Disorder, is a widespread disease more common than other substance abuse and addictions. The nationwide opioid epidemic has made an impact on awareness of how many people are addicted to substances generally; but, alcoholism still leads in numbers of people who are struggling with how much they drink. According to Harvard University Health Publishing, alcohol is the second most abused substance, with tobacco being the first. The percentage of people who are addicted to drugs in the United States is roughly half as many as those who are drinking alcohol.

Alcohol abuse is the second most common form of substance abuse in the United States after tobacco addiction. Some people are more severely affected than others. When an individual’s drinking causes distress or harm, that is called an alcohol use disorder. An estimated 10% of adult men and 5% of adult women have an alcohol use disorder. (Harvard Health Publishing)

Although tobacco is the leading addiction, it does not cause the same psychoactive symptoms that alcoholism or addiction does. When a person drinks to excess and experiences negative consequences but continues to drink, they are likely struggling with AUD. Since alcohol is legal and socially promoted, recognizing when a person is an alcoholic is more challenging. Social pressure to drink on holidays, while dining out, at sporting events, concerts, nightclubs, barbecues, family gatherings, celebrations, and most adult social events, does not leave much room for someone to turn down an alcoholic beverage.

Alcoholism Help in Islip, New York

Alcoholism Treatment in Islip, NY

In social communities where drinking is the primary activity or expected, it is quite typical for the group not to be surprised or concerned when one of their friends or relatives gets a DUI, causes a fight, sleeps with a stranger, passes out or blacks out. Fellow drinkers will usually laugh or disregard what happened and not condemn or worry about the person who had a bad or dangerous drinking experience. In reality, these passive attitudes about drinking support how predominant this second leading addictive substance is.

Denial is how many people cope with other people’s problems or their own. For alcoholics, it may take getting thrown in jail more than once, a public act of radical violence or losing a job or home, for them or their friends and family to not deny that there is a problem with their drinking. The best outcome for any person who is struggling with drinking and needs alcoholism help is to get professional AUD treatment and counseling as soon as possible. The earlier someone receives targeted evidence-based treatment for AUD, the more comfortable they will recover and be able and willing to remain sober for good.

The Islip NY alcoholism treatment programs that we connect clients to offer advanced AUD treatment methods and programs that provide therapeutic one on one counseling sessions, targeted psychotherapy that is evidenced-based, group therapy, and holistic treatment. The centers that offer specialized alcoholism treatment for men and women and young adults are located in Islip, NY, and throughout New York.

Find Alcohol Rehab in Islip, New York

Every client that is admitted into a specialized treatment program for AUD will have an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to meet their needs. Since Alcoholism/AUD stems from many negative influencers, each person who is struggling with how much they drink will have individual challenges to address. One person may have trauma from sexual abuse or neglect. At the same time, another may suffer from an emotional or mental health disorder. Also, each person will make progress at their own pace, and an individualized treatment plan allows for modification to be made during every step of their personalized program.

To learn more about the alcoholism treatment programs in New York, please connect with one of our program representatives. Our representatives will help you or a loved one get admitted into a quality alcohol use disorder treatment center within 24 hours or less. Our representatives will also explain payment options and insurance as well as making all door to door travel arrangements. Getting help for alcoholism should not be unusual. Thankfully, more and more people are coming to accept how pervasive AUD is, and witnessing someone get sober and remaining sober is finally getting the positive appreciation it deserves.   

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