Your loved one is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. You’re desperate for help and don’t know where to turn. Setting up an intervention could be the last hope to get your loved one into a treatment center. We understand that finding a certified addiction interventionist in New York that will get the job done right is not easy. That’s why we’ve been helping families of addicts and alcoholics across New York for years with unmatched guidance and support. Our primary purpose is to save lives by offering complete intervention services that are fully personalized for each situation.

A successful intervention is a carefully planned process that offers a prearranged treatment plan with clearly defined steps, goals, and guidelines. Our goal for each intervention is to provide positive encouragement for your loved one to enter a substance abuse treatment program within 24 hours of staging the intervention.

From start to finish, our addiction interventionists know how to handle these delicate situations with grace and professionalism. Sometimes approaching an addicted family member with an offer of help is not what they want to hear. Denial and anger are common responses but they can be minimized with the right approach during a family intervention facilitated by a certified addiction interventionist.

Addicts are more likely to enter treatment after undergoing an intervention.

However, the benefits of an intervention are most evident when they are planning and executed by a certified addiction interventionist. What if you try doing this on your own? From our experience, the addicted individual can be combative and not receptive, so it’s crucial to have a proper intervention plan ready to go. Without consulting a professional, the outcome could be a negative reaction.

No matter how bad the situation often seems, it’s not too late and you shouldn’t lose hope. Our team of interventionists is highly trained to organize a successful intervention so that your loved one can quickly enter treatment and begin the journey to recovery.

It’s important to consult an intervention professional if you’re interested in taking this life-saving approach. At Long Island Interventions, you can find a reputable team of certified addiction interventionists serving families across New York that are looking for real solutions to substance abuse.

Published on: 2017-10-23
Updated on: 2024-03-08