Fentanyl Detox in Westbury NY

Fentanyl Detox in Westbury, NY

The media is inundated with news coverage about the drug Fentanyl and how it causes accidental overdoses that lead to death. Fentanyl is a synthetic (man-made) opioid drug that was created for severe and debilitating pain, typically prescribed to burn victims, near -end- of- life patients, and chronic medical conditions that cause pain. The potency of Fentanyl is nearly 100 times stronger than morphine. 

Fentanyl Detox in Westbury NY

Westbury NY Fentanyl Detox Programs

The reason Fentanyl has become widespread and dangerous, causing accidental overdose and death, is because it is manufactured illegally in China and Mexico and then brought into the United States underground. Heroin dealers use Fentanyl to cut heroin to increase potency as well as increasing the profits they make. Although many people who become addicted to Fentanyl use heroin and other opiates, there are now different types of drugs that are being cut with Fentanyl such as cocaine, XTC, and methamphetamine.

The drug cocktails that dealers are creating with the help of Fentanyl are not just deadly but causing a rise in Fentanyl addiction. Many addicts may have developed an addiction to Fentanyl without intending to do so. Fentanyl, like other opiates, causes physical dependence. Therefore, the club-goer who was scoring cocaine or XTC regularly may end up needing the drug to avoid detoxing and withdrawing from Fentanyl, not cocaine or XTC. The authors at Harvard Health Publishing state how quickly opiates like Fentanyl cause a person to need the drug to avoid physical withdrawal symptoms and that detox is the first step towards recovery.   

In anyone who takes opiates regularly for a long time, nerve receptors are likely to adapt and begin to resist the drug, causing the need for higher doses. The other side of this tolerance is a physical withdrawal reaction that occurs when the drug leaves the body, and receptors must re-adapt to its absence… For some people with opioid use disorder, the beginning of treatment is detoxification — controlled and medically supervised withdrawal from the drug…The withdrawal symptoms — agitation; anxiety; tremors; muscle aches; hot and cold flashes; nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea — are extremely uncomfortable. (Harvard)

The necessary detoxification that people who are addicted to Fentanyl require is medically supervised and overseen by medical doctors who specialize in opioid addiction. Because Fentanyl is extremely addictive due to its potency, the types of medications that are prescribed at a detox center for Fentanyl addiction use buprenorphine, commonly known as Suboxone and methadone. These drugs help addicts detox without experiencing severe physical withdrawal symptoms.

The detox centers that are available in Westbury, New York, that treat Fentanyl addiction allow the patient to rest and recover while receiving the medications. They also provide medicines to combat insomnia and anxiety, as well as prescribing other mental health medications for those who are diagnosed with depression, bipolar, OCD, or other mental health diagnoses. The medical staff that oversees the detoxification provide a complete medical examination and psychological evaluation at the time of admission. Other medical professionals that care for the patients include substance abuse counselors and therapists who specialize in opiate addiction.

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The process for admission into a Fentanyl detox begins with a phone call to one of your addiction detox specialists. Our specialists make all the necessary arrangements to admit you or a loved one into a Westbury NY fentanyl detox center within 24 hours or less. They will conduct a brief phone interview with the person who needs help and arrange all payment through insurance or other means over the phone. Our addiction detox specialist will also provide support to the person who is being admitted throughout the entire admission and detoxification process. The specialist also handles all door to door travel arrangements. 

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Fentanyl Detox in Westbury NY

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