Heroin Detox

Heroin Detox

Heroin is a powerful analgesic narcotic that belongs to the opioid drug family. By binding to opioid receptors in the brain, heroin is very effective at alleviating pain. However, it is popular not as a pain reliever, but as a drug of massive abuse, especially in Long Island and across the Northeast. The euphoric high that heroin produces when abused in large doses is sought after by opioid-addicted individuals.
Drug dealers prey on people that are addicted to heroin and the cycle of relapse continues. It is difficult to quit using heroin because of the powerful withdrawal symptoms that begin just a few hours after the last dose. To avoid withdrawal, an addict will continue using, unable to quit on his/her own. Why is the grip of heroin addiction so powerful? Let’s begin by exploring the stages of heroin detox to better understand this deadly substance.
heroin detox in Long Island

Heroin Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms for addicts dependent on heroin to survive.
The initial symptoms of heroin detox begin 6 to 12 hours after the last use and will increase in severity over the course of the next several days. Usually, the peak discomfort will occur between the 3rd and 4th day, after this stage, the symptoms will begin to minimize. After a full week, the individual will gradually begin to feel better every single day. Detox and withdrawal symptoms specific to heroin addiction usually include:

The good news is that these uncomfortable symptoms do pass in time, although some people can feel lingering effects for months afterward. It is important to receive treatment for heroin addiction by first completing a medical stabilization in a detox program. If you’re looking for a heroin detox in Long Island, you should keep in mind that not every drug rehab center is the same. You want to find a program that offers medication under the care of clinicians and licensed professionals. Medication can make the withdrawal symptoms less severe and offer a glimmer of hope for an otherwise difficult withdrawal period.

You Are Not Alone

We offer heroin detox for Long Island, Queens, and Staten Island residents with a vast array of resources and work with our network affiliates to personalize the experience for each client. Our detox programs for Long Island residents don’t just stick you in a room to sweat out the withdrawal symptoms, that is a miserable existence. We believe in a holistic, wholesome, and interactive approach.

With a combination of carefully monitored medication and solution-focused process groups, our treatment begins at the detox stage for the highest chance at long-term recovery. By creating a support network in the first stage of the addiction treatment process, you are geared for success and begin building crucial coping skills along with relapse prevention techniques the moment you begin the detox phase.

If you’re ready to recover from a heroin dependency, we can help you detox safely in a reputable facility.

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