Do Drug Interventions Really Work?

You might be researching the effectiveness of drug interventions because someone you know is a drug addict (or alcoholic). Maybe it’s your significant other, a family member, or a dear friend. This could be their last chance at accepting help before it’s too late. If your loved one is in a downward drug addicted spiral, then a professionally conducted intervention could mean the difference between life and death. You might be wondering – do drug interventions really work?

The answer to your question depends on the level of experience and knowledge of your chosen interventionist. Our drug and alcohol interventionists are all Nationally Certified Intervention Professionals (NCIP) held to rigorous standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Drug interventions are effective when those closest to the addict (loved ones, family members) play an active role in the process and confront the addicted individual during the intervention showdown. Our interventionists use gentle yet proven methods that include peer pressure and an orchestrated attempt to give your loved one the needed push to accept your offer of help.

It’s not a time to act vindictively or “gang up” on the person that is struggling, but rather an opportunity to let him/her known how the addiction has affected you personally and those around you. Yelling and getting angry is not advised, as the person might simply walk out if he/she feels truly threatened. The ultimate goal is to save your loved one’s life from the scourge of substance abuse. Don’t let the cost of an intervention deter you from going forward with this life-saving process.

They absolutely increase the likelihood an addict will seek immediate drug treatment when done correctly with the support of family members and overseen by a trained mental health professional.

The process isn’t always smooth sailing as it’s an emotionally charged situation. However, interventions are successful in getting your loved one to enter a drug rehab within 24 hours. Taking advantage of this opportunity to interrupt a person’s addiction and bring about the process of change is essential for an intervention to really work.

Without a certified intervention professional guiding the family through the process, there is a high chance that the intervention will not be successful. If you’re interested in learning more about how to conduct a successful intervention and looking for a professional to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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