Drug Rehab for NYC Teachers

Drug Rehab for Teachers in NYC

The teaching profession is one that places a high priority on the person’s character and ability to be responsible. The image most people have in their minds of a teacher is one that suggests wholesomeness, patience, kindness, and dedication. Teachers are also expected to love their students and cherish how much they have taught them. For many educators, this scenario is most likely. However, for other teachers, the reality of their position does not generate as much meaning and can be quite the opposite. 

Drug rehab for NYC teachers

Addiction Treatment for NYC Teachers

Teachers are under a tremendous amount of stress, and the expectations that society has of them only adds to their stress. For them, this can mean they are susceptible to developing an addiction to drugs and or alcohol. High-pressure jobs like teaching take a considerable toll on a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Teachers undoubtedly feel responsible when a student does not perform well on a test or is unable to complete their homework. Additionally, teachers form attachments to their students and may become depressed when a student displays that he or she is having trouble with their homelife, friends, or other situations. Because teachers are so very emotionally invested in their students, they might have difficulty coping and turn to drugs and alcohol for relief.

The types of treatment programs that are available for NYC teachers are tailored to meet the needs of the individual as well as the needs of a professional. Many teachers who are struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol are still employed and cannot attend a residential rehab program. The treatment centers we advocate for have programs explicitly meant for the working individual. Intensive outpatient program (IOP) is one of the programs we recommend that is successfully helping teachers and other employed individuals learn how to remain clean and sober.

The addiction treatment centers for NYC teachers that offer an Intensive outpatient program meet three times a week for 3 to 4 hours at a time day or night. As with the other available treatment programs, such as inpatient, outpatient, extended care, and sober living, IOP utilizes evidence-based forms of therapy that are proven to help addicts and alcoholics recover from their disease. All of the drug rehab programs we endorse are overseen by a professional staff of medical practitioners, psychiatrists, and counselors who specialize in addiction treatment. 

Find Drug Rehab for New York City Teachers

Being a teacher and a person who has become addicted to substances does not mean that getting help for addiction will expose them professionally. All of the centers we work with are discreet and comply with all HIPPA regulations as well as being devoted to anonymity and privacy. If you are a teacher and need help for your addiction but are concerned with how you will be judged, do not let that prevent you from getting help. The programs we advocate for view addiction as a disease and not a moral deficiency as it was once determined.

According to Harvard University Health Publishing, the current perspective on addiction is that it is a medical condition and not a deficiency in moral character or standards.

Many people consider addiction to be a problem of personal weakness, initiated for self-gratification, and continued because of an unwillingness or lack of sufficient willpower to stop. However, within the medical and scientific communities, the notion that pleasure-seeking exclusively drives addiction has fallen by the wayside. Clinicians and scientists alike now think that many people engage in potentially addictive activities to escape discomfort — both physical and emotional. People typically engage in psychoactive experiences to feel good and to feel better. The roots of addiction reside in activities associated with sensation-seeking and self-medication. (Harvard)

The types of drug rehab programs we support for teachers have years of success in helping teachers and other professionals end their battle with drugs and alcohol. If you or your loved one is a teacher and needs professional help for their addictions, call one of our drug rehab representatives. Our representatives will locate a drug rehab for NYC teachers, discuss payment and insurance options, as well as make all door to door travel arrangements if necessary.

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