Heroin Rehab in New York

Heroin Rehab in New York

The nationwide heroin epidemic has yet to lessen its effects on the communities and families of Long Island. Most people realize that there is a problem of accidental overdose and that the people becoming addicted to heroin are no longer limited to specific groups of people. Heroin continues to steal the lives of every ethnic group and social class. Fortunately, the state of New York is working diligently to end this crisis.

Heroin Rehab in New York

In recent years the government of New York voted for, and which the Senate passed, a package of legislation aimed at combating heroin and opioid addiction in New York… the legislation takes a four-pronged approach to combating the opioid epidemic by addressing prevention, treatment, recovery, and enforcement. Per the Senate:

“For far too many months, Long Islanders have watched as the heroin and opioid epidemic has swallowed the lives of our loved ones,” said Senator Kaminsky.  This crisis knows no bounds and abuse is indiscriminately affecting Long Islanders of all stripes and in all communities.  “With this legislation, we affirm that we can do more and must do more, at all levels, to combat the substance abuse that is ravaging our families, communities and loved ones” (Kaminsky 2016).

Aside from relying on our government how can we as family members resolve a loved one’s addiction to heroin? The first step is to admit your loved one into a professional heroin addiction rehab program in New York or out-of-state. The treatment centers we recommend begin rehab with a medically supervised drug detox.

New York Heroin Rehabs

The reason so many heroin addicts stay addicted to heroin for so long is that the withdrawal symptoms are extremely hard to experience if not even impossible without replacement drugs and medical supervision. The New York heroin rehabs that we help admit addicts into is overseen by a state-licensed medical staff. The staff is comprised of doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists who all specialize in heroin addiction recovery.

Once a person is admitted they will enter the detox unit and receive medications to ease their withdrawal symptoms. They will be assessed by our mental health staff and be able to meet with their counselor and therapist daily. Once the client has completed detox, they are then admitted into a heroin rehab program.

The heroin rehab programs in New York, utilize a science-based treatment format as a program for recovery. This includes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, individual counseling, group counseling, holistic therapy, plus many specialized groups that discuss heroin addiction specifically.

Find Heroin Addiction Treatment in New York

If you or your loved one needs rehab for their heroin addiction there are numerous programs available for women, men, and young adults. Call one of our heroin addiction recovery specialists to begin the process of admission to a New York heroin rehab within 24 hours.

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