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Nar-Anon twelve-step meetings are very helpful for families of drug addicts that need assistance in healing and recovering. Nar-Anon in Nassau County, NY, focuses on helping friends, families, and loved ones of addicts that are affected by the destructive force of substance abuse. It’s a twelve-step support group-based program that is designed to help relatives recover from the effects of living with a drug addict. We know that addiction doesn’t only affect the user, it affects everyone around him/her with negative consequences. It can make the lives unmanagable of those that are closest to the addict.

Nar-Anon in Nassau County NY

While Nar-Anon is a  worldwide fellowship, the Nar-Anon groups in the Nassau County NY area are a tight-knit community of supportive individuals that care about each other. The feelings of dread and desperation concerning your loved one’s addiction can be healed by going to Nar-Anon meetings in Nassau County NY. Learn to focus on your own life again while being there for your addicted loved one with the compassionate help and assistance from Nar-Anon in Nassau County NY.

If you’d like more information about Nar-Anon in Nassau County, please don’t hesitate to contact us around the clock. All calls are free and 100% confidential.

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