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Seafield Center in Riverhead, NY

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Addiction Resource Overview

The Seafield Center in Riverhead, NY specializes in providing targeted treatment programs for drug and alcohol use with personalized attention for each client. They have helped over 30,000 individuals end their addictions and remain clean and sober long term. The Seafield brand has numerous centers including the Riverhead NY Seafield Center, and they have been in operations since 1985. The Seafield Centers provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehab programs for men, women, and young adults. The Seafield Center in Riverhead, NY is licensed by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and is accredited by the Joint Commission.

More About the Seafield Center Riverhead NY

As part of their network, the Riverhead NY Seafield Center location offers advanced outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This location is directly connected to all of the Seafield Center treatment programs that also provide medically supervised detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, aftercare, and sober living programs. The Riverhead Seafield Center is dedicated to providing professional addiction treatment services for individuals who work, are in school, are referred from a court or their employer for drug and alcohol screening and treatment. The outpatient program at Seafield Center in Riverhead, New York is also for people who only need and desire an outpatient level of drug and alcohol treatment.

Treatment at the Riverhead NY Seafield Center Program

They provide several substance abuse treatment services that are all tailored to meet each person’s individual needs in an outpatient setting. The Seafield Center in Riverhead, NY, provides intensive counseling and specialized treatment programs that includes:

  • Clinic Level Groups
  • Intensive rehab groups (AM & PM)
  • Adolescent Group and Adolescent/Family Group
  • Parenting Group
  • Family Bridge Groups
  • Treatment for Significant Others
  • Relapse Prevention Groups
  • Probation Alcohol Treatment
  • DOT Treatment Procedures
  • DWI Education Series
  • Power and Control Group
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Medication Monitoring

Counseling Offered at Seafield Center in Riverhead, NY

The Seafield Center in Riverhead, NY provides in-depth counseling for alcoholism, addictions, trauma, neglect, abuse, and other influencers that cause alcoholism and/or addiction. They will focus on why a person relies on drugs or alcohol to cope with their emotions. The evidence-based therapy counseling they provide is cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing between counselor and client. The Riverhead Seafield Center rehab programs also support the clients to develop skills and understanding of how to manage the disease of addiction and alcoholism to live life clean and sober.

As part of the National Institute of Health, the National Institutes of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that outpatient treatment for alcoholism and addictions allows individuals to receive help from professional rehab services if circumstances limit their ability to attend traditional inpatient treatment.

Today, there are more options available for treating alcohol use disorder and substance use disorder than ever before. Decades of research have led to advances in medications and behavioral therapies to help people recover. Professionally led alcohol and drug treatment now takes place in a variety of settings, including outpatient care that can help many people recover while still living at home. (NIAAA)

Case Management at the Riverhead Seafield Center

They manage court-ordered and non-court ordered substance abuse evaluations that are comprehensive assessments. Their evaluations are meant to provide an analysis for what level of substance use treatment and therapy is necessary, or not, for people who have been arrested for public intoxication, driving while intoxicated, conditions of probation, or from employers.

In addition to court-ordered and private addiction assessments, they also provide numerous drug and alcohol rehab services. It is essential to understand that the Seafield Center in Riverhead is not or residential treatment center. They provide outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs that deliver the same full-spectrum level of addiction treatment that many residential programs offer.

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