Overcoming Temptations to Drink Over the Holidays

You probably are wondering how to overcome the temptation to drink during the holidays. The holiday season is a time when you attend several family events where there is time to eat, drink, and be merry. To stay sober, you need to learn how to control what triggers your urge to drink.

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Service dog without owner could mean an emergency

When most people think of the term “service dog” they think of an animal that has been trained for a person who is blind and needs a guide. Others will think a dog who helps a person in a wheelchair. However, service dogs come in all different breeds and fill all types of roles. So, what is a service dog and what types of life-saving skills do these canines offer?

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Drug Abuse on Long Island

Long Island has long been described as ground zero for the heroin and opiate epidemic. In a National Safety Council report, Long Island residents accounted for over 20% of fatal overdoses in New York in 2017. Finding the root of the problem remains a tangled web of threads. Drug trends point to the population of the island as a major driver for illegal drug businesses. Aside from being densely populated, Long Island also has many young people.

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New York Drug Dealer Charged in Two Overdose Deaths

In recent years, drug dealers are being charged throughout the country with the overdose deaths of the customers and addicts they serve on the streets. Recently, a Long Island drug dealer was indicted in the deaths of two customers in Queens. This is the first time a dealer in the borough has been directly held responsible for the death of a drug addict. Law enforcement officials alledge that the narcotics he sold are the direct cause and reason for the death of two individuals.

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Tainted Cocaine Causes 5 Overdose Deaths in New York

The tainted cocaine drug overdoses that took the lives of 5 people this past week in New York began on Friday, September 20th, killing a 38-year-old man after he ingested the laced cocaine. The next day (Saturday) the death toll continued and took the life of a 40-year-old man also suspected to have used the same tainted cocaine. This past Tuesday the Yonkers police announced that there were three other overdose deaths which are likely to be connected to this same batch of tainted cocaine.

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Substance Dependence on Long Island

Long Island has historically been a favorite destination for tourists. Its beautiful sandy beaches, the Hamptons, wine country, club life, cuisines, and museums give Long Island bragging rights to fun and relaxation…but there is also a dark side, the substance dependence problem on Long Island.

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Starbucks begins offering employees mental health benefits

Mental health awareness continues to increase in recent years and more employers are addressing the importance of mental health benefits for their workers. One of those employers is Starbucks, and the CEO Kevin Johnson recently went over the changes that are being implemented for the coffee giant.

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Calvin Klein Club Drug

Calvin Klein club drug is a dangerous mix of ketamine and cocaine
There is a new club drug cocktail that is killing our youth and authorities are helpess to stop it. The ‘Calvin Klein’ drug tragically took the life of a young violinist who was a musical prodigy. The drug is come to be known as the ‘Calvin Klein’ drug because it goes by the initials ‘CK,’ that reference the brand name known throughout the world. CK is a cocktail drug that is a mixture of cocaine and ketamine. The young violinist died from an accidental overdose of the drug in London on Thursday, July 11th, 2019.

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Less Opioid Overdose Deaths on Long Island in 2018

In 2017 an estimated 1.7 million Americans suffered from substance abuse problems related to opiate pain relievers.  An additional 652,000 battled with heroin use disorder.  If those numbers were not terrifying enough, the deaths tolls that have resulted from America’s Opioid Crisis are staggering. In 2017, Americans lost 47,600 people to opiate-related deaths.  This includes prescription painkillers, street drugs like heroin, and synthetic opiates such as fentanyl.  These numbers are just for the year 2017.  No one knows this epidemic better than the residents of Long Island, New York, and the surrounding areas.

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