The Opioid Epidemic is a Silent Killer

by Annie Yang
The opioid epidemic is a silent killer. Silent in the sense that in society, you hear about individual instances in which an actor or artist overdoses but collectively we fail to come together to talk about the entirety of the problem. We mourn the death of the individual and pass prayers and condolences. Sometimes we even shame the individual’s choices and decisions that ended them in the situation that they are in. But what we rarely do is talk about it. In a culture where we constantly point fingers and shift blame, we don’t see the damage it is causing when as a collective group, we fail to acknowledge the problem and work towards a common goal.

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GHI Covered Drug Rehabs

Many individuals struggling with substance abuse and their loved ones are often confronted with the heavy burden of expenses when making a decision about getting professional help. Addiction is a disease that comes knocking when you least expect it, but holding back from seeking help only makes your condition get worse.

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Massive Fentanyl Bust in Binghamton, NY

Binghamton, New York, has proven to be another stop on the newest Fentanyl pipeline that supports the ever increasing opioid epidemic in the United States.  A massive drug bust of Fentanyl, Heroin, and Meth occurred on November 30th, 2018 in Binghamton, NY. The amount seized has been said to have the potential to kill 500,000 people. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid used to cut heroin in order to increase the strength, thus sales, and also lower the cost of producing higher quality heroin.

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Drug Rehab for Amtrak Employees

Railroad services provide intercity travel for countless Americans across the country. Drug addiction does not discriminate when it comes to socioeconomic status or employment and many Amtrak workers struggle with substance use disorders. Drug rehab for Amtrak employees focuses on providing a medical detox for stabilization and inpatient rehab for a complete recovery.

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Free Drug Test Kits for Nassau and Suffolk Residents

At Long Island Interventions, we are providing free drug test kits to residents in Nassau and Suffolk counties that accurately detect the presence of the twelve most commonly abused drugs. The 12-panel advanced urine drug test kit typically retails for $14.99, but residents of Long Island can get their drug…

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Crack Pipes Sold in Vending Machines on Long Island

The latest breaking news in Suffolk County, Long Island, is now about to break glass instead. Reports have been issued regarding the recent discovery of glass crack pipe vending machines disguised as pen dispensers throughout the town of Brookhaven. Officials in Brookhaven have located three such machines and are investigating who put them there and determining if it is, in fact, illegal to sell the smoke screened pens.

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Mac Miller Died From a Drug Overdose

Acclaimed rapper Mac Miller has died from a drug overdose at the age of 26. Mac Miller rose to stardom in the mid-2010s as one of the most successful hip-hop performers of his generation but struggled with maintaining his sobriety. In May 2018, he was charged with a DWI after fleeing the scene of an accident.

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Is Addiction a Brain Disease?

This question has been debated by medical professionals, researchers, government officials, and addicts themselves for many years: is addiction a brain disease? Contemporary evidence points to the conclusion that addiction is a chronic brain disorder, not just a behavioral issue. The disease concept of addiction certainly fits most of the criteria for a legitimate illness—requiring only that an abnormal medical condition be present that causes dysfunction to the afflicted individual.

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