Fentanyl Overdose Deaths on Long Island

Currently, most of our top news stories are about how heroin overdose deaths are on the rise. The reason there are so many fatal overdoses now is that the drug is being cut and laced with even stronger opioids, such as Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid used to treat severe and debilitating pain. Heroin drug dealers are profiting from this.

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Buy Drug Tests on Long Island

Families are now utilizing advances in science that make drug testing at home possible. Drug tests are now even more reliable, safe and easy to administer at home than ever. In Long Island and throughout New York state, asking a family member, friend, or employee to take a drug test is not uncommon. Substance abuse and addiction affect nearly every family and community in some way now. Our drug tests are FDA and state approved for home use with quick results. If you or someone you know needs to be cleared through a drug test we can make the test available to you at home within days

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Recovery Coaches on Long Island

In the State of New York and throughout the United States, addiction is one of the most serious diseases that families are battling and sadly losing loved ones every day. Once a person has gotten clean and sober their lives have certainly improved for the better, however, recovery is not just about staying clean and sober. Recovery requires an entirely new outlook and a newly recovering addict is like a young child in that they need a lot of guidance.

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Personal Story: Dealing With Mental Illness

by Aria Charlene Valdez, Newburgh NY

Dear friends,

Mental illness can be treated with therapy and medication, but it does not cure it. It simply manages the symptoms. When you have any form of mental illness it lingers every single day of your waking life. You can have the best life and it will wait for you. It will break you down until one day you’re vulnerable…and then IT WILL GET TO YOU.

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Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has passed away

Anthony Bourdain was a world-famous chef, acclaimed author, and travel host that transformed the culinary world by having a successful career in television. On June 8th, 2018, Anthony passed away from an apparent suicide while filming a television series in France. A true innovator in the industry, he was known for exposing a kitchen culture where long hours went hand-in-hand with drug and alcohol abuse. Bourdain struggled with addictions for decades and was open about his dark past with substance abuse before becoming a celebrity chef. The world lost a mastermind and activist for the culinary arts that helped introduce people to foods and restaurant experiences that would otherwise be unknown.

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Fashion designer Kate Spade found dead of apparent suicide in New York

Acclaimed fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead of an apparent suicide in New York. The 55-year old was a fashion legend, having created the fashion house Kate Spade New York in 1993, which today directly competes with Michael Kors and other high-end lines. Kate Spade left a suicide note and was found by her housekeeper in her New York apartment. Officials suspect a suicide because Kate Spade hung herself and was found this way. Mental health doesn’t discriminate and Kate Spade’s death illustrates the importance of treating psychological and emotional distress.

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Staten Island Heroin Linked to Increase in Overdoses

The residents of Staten Island and all of the boroughs are dealing with an increase in overdoses resulting from heroin that is tainted and mixed with fentanyl. Communities all over Staten Island have been especially hard hit by this latest wave of heroin-related deaths, with a string of overdoses that are suspected to be caused by a bad batch of heroin. Officials are struggling to prepare an appropriate response and prevent further deaths, even as more drug dealers have been arrested in various police operations in the Staten Island area.

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Mixing Substance Abuse With Relationships

Drug addiction affects your everyday relationships, making it difficult to form a bond with your loved ones, family, and friends. Mixing substance abuse with relationships is a recipe for disaster, as cravings to use drugs will overpower the relationship as an addiction deepens. An addicted person begins to not care about his/her relationship with others, creating chaos at every turn. Let’s explore the emotional roller coaster that is created when mixing substance abuse with relationships and the consequences of this dangerous combination.

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