Do you know someone who is always optimistic but becomes an overly depressed person when they’re drunk? Have you ever met someone who becomes incredibly aggressive when they’re drunk, although they’re usually calm and kind?

People have different reactions to drinking. Some people will become happy while others become sad, depending on how alcohol reacts with the chemicals in their brains. Moreover, past situations that involve drinking can trigger various feelings in drinkers.

If you are at a party you’ll probably meet these 12 types of drunk people. You might also identify some of their traits if you’re dealing with someone who has a drinking problem. This article will help you learn about the different types of drunks and how they act.

12 Types of Drunks You’ll Likely Meet

Drinking alcohol can impact our personalities in various ways. Some people are more likely to be affected by alcohol, especially if they don’t drink often or have a low tolerance to alcohol. They might seem to display a behavior that surprises those around them.

Some scientific patterns categorize drinkers into four personalities, while others list seven personalities. However, this section will list 12 common types of drunks, their personality traits, and how alcohol affects them and their actions.

1. Ernest Hemingway

The name can be a bit confusing since Ernest Hemingway was an alcoholic with bipolar disorder, who ended up taking his own life. However, he used to have a very high tolerance of alcohol which characterizes most Hemingways.

These drunks rarely show any change in personality when they drink, even if they consume a large amount of alcohol. This is probably the reason why Hemingways are difficult to confront with their alcohol use disorder since they claim they aren’t impacted by alcohol. T

Their intellect, conscientiousness, and decision-making skills are rarely impacted by alcohol, but this doesn’t mean that drinking doesn’t impact their mental health issues. They’re more likely to become high-functioning alcoholics who battle alcohol addiction for long periods.

2. Mary Poppins

Some people become cheerful and happy when they drink, displaying an optimistic Mary Poppins-like personality. Although their conscientiousness and intellect aren’t impacted by drinking, they show an increase in extraversion due to the release of dopamine.

These people feel more outgoing and less shy when they drink, so they might choose to consume alcohol in situations when they feel embarrassed. Mary Poppins drunks rarely face problems because of their drinking because they aren’t driven by negative emotions.

However, their happy drunk attitude can cause next-day embarrassment when they remember what they’ve done when they’re intoxicated. Their personal and social relationships might suffer because of their actions when they’re drunk if they don’t know how to keep their drinking under control.

3. George Washington

This type of drinkers become too honest under the influence of alcohol to the point of embarrassing and upsetting those around them when they drink alcohol. In most cases, they use the cover of alcohol to speak their real mind, and they can make mean remarks, hoping they get away with them.

George Washington drunks might not be as intoxicated as they claim to be, trying to slip judgment about other people’s actions and behavior. Some people might tolerate their behavior until it becomes increasingly uncomfortable.

However, in most cases, George Washingtons can be extremely annoying. People can identify their bitter nature even if they claim it’s influenced by the effects of alcohol.

4. Mr Hyde

Scientific research shows that this group of drunk people is associated with most negative situations related to drinking. They’re more likely to suffer from alcohol-related issues that impact them and others and can be mean drunks.

Some people believe that alcohol enables Mr Hydes to uncover their hidden mental health issues. They can be potentially dangerous to deal with while they’re intoxicated because they usually display aggressive behavioral patterns. Mr Hyde or angry drunks are the ones who are more likely to get in fights and get arrested.

A fighter drunk is a special type of Mr Hyde personality, who will become increasingly aggressive when they’re drunk. This person will fight with anyone and everyone although they might be good and kind people when they’re sober.

Some people believe that these drunks are battling with childhood issues that might have involved an alcoholic or abusive parent. When they’re intoxicated, they unravel their true personality which believes that violence is the answer to every problem. They can even cheer on a violent encounter if they aren’t involved.

These people usually deal with a great amount of pain, guilt, and shame when they’re sober. Drinking with a fighter drunk might get you into trouble as they’re often unable to judge the consequences of their drunk behavior.

5. Nutty Professor

The nutty professor’s personality displays a significant decrease in conscientiousness with a massive attitude change. People around them might be surprised and even shocked by how drastically they change when they’re drunk.

As the name suggests, these drunks show the most significant personality change, becoming a whole new person when they drink. They can be extremely shy and change to outgoing, daring, and even hostile people.

6. Affectionate Drunk

These people experience a decrease in their inhibition and become more affectionate. They can become more touchy and start giving hugs to people they don’t even know. When not in a safe setting, some people might misinterpret their actions.

Affectionate drunks are likely to confess their feelings. Some people drink on purpose to become bolder when they feel they’re unable to confess their feelings when they’re sober.

7. Drama Queen

The drama queen drunk is a person who already has serious relationship issues that worsen when they drink. This person will probably make a scene and pour their feelings out in front of everyone.

They might express positive and negative feelings and ruin the evening for everyone if they’re drinking with a group of friends. In most cases, their drinking buddies will be embarrassed by their public display. These drunks have to deal with the alcohol-related consequences the next day.

8. Philosopher Drunk

This person becomes extremely relaxed when they’re intoxicated and they can talk about all issues that others might find triggering. They don’t mind speaking their mind in public even if they don’t know them.

Philosopher drunks usually don’t make sense and can talk about embarrassing topics. They can actually become more attentive when intoxicated and will have answers to all questions anyone might ask. In most cases, these people won’t cause any issues unless they talk about a highly controversial topic.

9. Irresponsible Drunk

Irresponsible drunks usually make bad decisions because of their alcohol consumption. They can get a piercing, or tattoo, or even make an ill-judged financial decision while they’re intoxicated.

These people are more likely to get into drunk-related issues because they drink to the point of becoming intoxicated. Alcoholics with an irresponsible drunk personality can get into financial and legal issues because they can’t control their alcohol consumption. This person might need to undergo an addiction treatment.

10. Sad Drunk

Although some people experience positive emotions and become more open when they’re drunk, some people become extremely sad when they consume alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant and long-term alcohol abuse is linked to depression. This is why some people will experience depressive episodes when they drink.

Some people consume alcohol as a means of coping with their problems. After drinking, they might get too emotional, becoming even more depressed. These people usually start crying when they drink and can make others uncomfortable when they’re drinking with others.

11. Sloppy Drunk

Alcohol consumption makes people lose their balance. Sloppy drunks are more likely to show tripping and imbalance behavior when they’re drunk. They can spill their drinks, bump into others, and fall when they fall when they try to walk.

These people struggle to sit alone and might need help when they’re walking to the bathroom. Some people become sloppy drunks when they age, as our ability to process alcohol changes when we become older. These people are more prone to falls, injuries, and fractures that can affect their quality of life.

12. Blackout Drunk

Some people tend to black out when they drink, especially when they binge drink. People with low tolerance to alcohol or don’t drink often, can experience memory gaps where they’re unlikely to remember what happens when they’re drunk.

Some people can suffer from a fragmentary blackout, where they might experience some memories with missing periods when they can’t remember anything. In severe cases, some people might experience complete amnesia when they can’t remember anything. These blackouts can last for hours.

Frequent blackouts are often a warning sign that this person is suffering from alcohol use disorder. They show that the person is unable to control their drinking and their blackouts can lead to dangerous behavior.

Wrap Up

When people drink, their personalities change. The changes in their personalities are impacted by how often they drink and how their brains react to alcohol.

Some drinking personalities cause problems for those who display them and those around them. Some can also indicate underlying behavioral and mental issues or show that the person has an alcohol use disorder.


Published on: 2024-05-07
Updated on: 2024-05-07