As interest in psilocybin mushrooms grows and more states decriminalize their use, their popularity is rising. Although selling psilocybin mushrooms is still illegal in most places, it is becoming more common in areas where there are legal loopholes, provisions made for medicinal use, minor trade penalties, and lax enforcement. Consequently, psychedelic mushrooms are more available and easier to buy than ever, whether they are purchased at a dispensary, in a store, online, or from a dealer. Below, we’ll discuss the current cost of shrooms, provide a little background, and note the risks involved in making a purchase.


Understanding Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as “magic mushrooms” and “shrooms,” contain a drug that has recreational and potentially medicinal uses. When people take psilocybin and psilocin, their brain activity changes, and they see the world differently. It is an illicit hallucinogen with effects similar to LSD, ketamine, MDMA, and peyote. People who ingest shrooms often experience a euphoric, hallucinogenic “trip.” Some people believe that magic mushrooms enhance their mental and spiritual well-being in the long term by helping them feel more creative and less anxious and depressed. Medical researchers are even looking at psilocybin as a possible treatment for addiction to more harmful substances. Consuming magic mushrooms typically involves ingesting dried mushrooms. 

Unfortunately, magic mushrooms are not risk-free. People can experience a “bad trip” if they are in a negative state of mind when they take shrooms. Worse yet, taking shrooms can have dangerous long-term effects for people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Another danger exists for inexperienced foragers who misidentify wild mushrooms and accidentally ingest poison, which can result in serious illness and death.

Magic Mushroom Doses

People who take magic mushrooms need to keep the risks in mind and be careful of how much they consume. Understanding the typical dosages of magic mushrooms helps put their costs into perspective.


Consuming half a gram or less of magic mushrooms is referred to as taking a microdose. Taking this amount of shrooms may elevate your mood and slightly improve your cognition without causing you to trip. If you consume a bit more but keep your dose under a gram, you may feel slightly euphoric and experience a state of altered perception.

Light Dose

A light dose of psychedelic mushrooms usually contains between one and two grams. This dose will induce noticeable changes in your perception and thought patterns.

Standard Dose

Generally speaking, consuming two to 3.5 grams of mushrooms means that you are taking a standard dose. Ingesting this amount of psilocybin mushrooms generally brings on hallucinations and a suite of psychedelic effects, such as colorful visual imagery and an altered perception of time.

Heavy dose

A dose greater than 3.5 grams of psychedelic mushrooms can result in an extremely intense experience, especially at doses above 5 grams. These experiences are not necessarily “good” and may carry a higher risk of negative long-term effects.

Dosage TypeAmount (grams)Description
Microdose0.5 or lessElevates mood and slightly improves cognition without causing a trip.
Light Dose1 – 2Induces noticeable changes in perception and thought patterns.
Standard Dose2 – 3.5Causes hallucinations and psychedelic effects like colorful visual imagery and altered perception of time.
Heavy Dose> 3.5Leads to an extremely intense experience, especially above 5 grams, with a higher risk of negative long-term effects.

When it comes to shrooms, more is not necessarily better. The same dose of the same shroom can affect people differently. A person’s experience can be influenced by the species of shroom they take, their body composition and chemistry, their emotional state, and their environment.


How Much Do Shrooms Cost?

In the United States, when people buy magic mushrooms “on the street,” they typically pay between $7 and $12 per gram, at an average price of $10 per gram of magic mushrooms. For most dealers, there is little benefit to selling microdoses, so shrooms are usually sold in one of the following five quantities: an eighth, a quarter, or a half of an ounce, a full ounce, or a pound. We’ll go over these quantities, their gram equivalents, and their average costs below.

Eighth ounce (3.5 g): $32

An eighth of shrooms, which weighs an eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams, usually cost around $30. The species and freshness of the mushroom can also affect the cost. If an eighth costs more than $40, it’s likely that there is a shortage in the market, the dealer or grower is overcharging for the product, or you live in a place where selling magic mushrooms is a high-risk endeavor.

Quarter ounce (7 g): $60

A quarter of shrooms is generally sold at twice the price of an eighth, or around $60. The price may range from $55 to $75, depending on the species of mushroom, the vendor, and the location.

Half-ounce (14 g): $100

Buying mushrooms in larger amounts usually results in a discounted price per gram, from around $9 or $10 per gram to about $7. $100 is a common price for a half-ounce of shrooms.

Full ounce (28 g): $200:

Most of the time, a full ounce of shrooms will cost about $200.

Pound (454 g): $2,400

Most people estimate that a pound of magic mushrooms should be discounted to about $5 per gram, costing around $2,400. In reality, it’s unlikely that that quantity of mushrooms will be readily available because a dealer would face heavy fines and serious legal repercussions if they were caught possessing or selling that amount of psychedelics.

QuantityGram EquivalentAverage Cost ($)Price Range ($)Notes
Eighth ounce3.5 g$32>40 indicates shortage, overcharging, or high-risk area. Generally around 30.Price affected by species, freshness.
Quarter ounce7 g$6055 to 75Price may vary by species, vendor, location.
Half ounce14 g$100Price per gram decreases with larger amounts, around $7 per gram.
Full ounce28 g$200
Pound454 g$2,400Discounted to about $5 per gram. Availability unlikely due to legal risks.

Why Do People Buy Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Although it might seem like growing or foraging for mushrooms would be the safest and cheapest way to get them, many people prefer to buy them from a shop or a dealer. Growing shrooms can be risky in places where this practice is illegal. It also takes time and commitment to buy spore kits to get started, and a good harvest is not a sure thing. Foraging for shrooms can be dangerous for people who can’t tell the difference between a psychedelic mushroom species and a poisonous one. Some people feel more confident about buying a vetted product in a known dosage from a trusted source, and others simply prefer the convenience of buying it outright.

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What Factors Impact the Cost of Magic Mushrooms?

Today, psychedelic mushrooms are abundant and fairly easy to find in the United States. Dried mushrooms are the cheapest option for buying shrooms, while chocolates, gummies, and edibles are slightly pricier per milligram of psilocybin.

 At the same time, since psilocybin is a Schedule 1 substance that is generally illegal and risky to sell, the laws in an area can affect its availability and cost. In areas where the penalties for selling psychedelic mushrooms are severe, the supply is likely to be lower and prices are likely to be higher.

The price of shrooms can vary widely according to many factors, including:

Legal Status and Location

Within the United States, magic mushrooms are still illegal in most places. Under the Controlled Substances Act, magic mushrooms are classified as a Schedule I substance that has no medical purpose and a high potential for abuse. The road to decriminalization and legalization is long, and the rules around magic mushrooms are very specific in scope and location. Being able to purchase magic mushrooms with relatively low risk may literally come down to the city or municipality you find yourself in at the time. In some places, including Colorado and Oregon, state and local laws override federal authority, and people can grow, possess, and consume them without fear of punishment. Other communities that have decriminalized the possession of shrooms include Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington; and Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Even in areas where shrooms are decriminalized, selling and purchasing them is generally illegal. Nevertheless, it’s usually relatively easy to buy shrooms in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. By contrast, it may be difficult to buy shrooms in most parts of Texas, where penalties for possessing and selling psychedelics are extreme.

In areas where psychedelic mushrooms are decriminalized or legal, the price is likely to be lower because dealers face fewer risks and lower penalties for selling them. Where psilocybin mushrooms have been approved for medical use or are legalized or decriminalized, you may be able to buy them in person at dispensaries, in shops, or online stores. Mushrooms often cost up to 30% less in these locations.

In places where psychedelic mushrooms are relatively unregulated or laws are not strictly enforced, prices tend to vary. Since the mushrooms are relatively easy to grow, prices are not likely to be inflated in areas where buyers and sellers face a low risk of punishment.

The Law of Supply and Demand

If the supply of psychedelic mushrooms is limited in an area where demand is high, they are likely to cost more. Prices may be high at events where people gather together, like art or music festivals.

Amount of Mushrooms Purchased

Usually, the more psychedelic mushrooms you purchase, the less you’ll pay per gram.

Mushroom Variety

There are many varieties of magic mushrooms, and they each have the potential to induce different effects. Mushroom species that have a relatively high concentration of psilocybin and other psychedelic compounds may cost more than average mushrooms. A mushroom-like Penis Envy, for instance, may command a higher price because it is both more potent and less accessible than a more common strain of Psilocybe cubensis.

If you’re in the market for magic mushrooms, another strain of Psilocybe cubensis you may encounter is the Golden Teachers variety. Since Penis Envy produces more intense effects than Golden Teachers, it may cost twice as much.

Difficulty of Cultivation

If a mushroom variety is difficult to cultivate or requires specialized equipment to produce a salable product, its price is likely to reflect the time and resources needed to bring it to life. If a mushroom variety is difficult to cultivate or requires specialized equipment to produce a salable product, its price is likely to reflect the time and resources needed to bring it to life. Some mushroom varieties are regionally grown. If you are outside of the cultivation area and encounter this mushroom, it may cost more. Likewise, if you live in a place where mushrooms don’t grow, the cost of transportation may be reflected in the price.

Dealer’s Reputation

Mushroom dealers with excellent reputations can usually charge a premium since their buyers consider their products to be high-quality and authentic.

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When It Comes to Magic Mushrooms, Be Smart about the Costs

As psychedelic mushrooms become more prevalent and widely used, buying them is becoming easier and more commonplace. People who purchase mushrooms should also be mindful of the expense and the physical and legal risks they are taking on. A bad trip and a prison sentence can be life-changing, and they are also avoidable. Consider purchasing mushrooms only where they are legal, from a reputable dealer who is believed to provide a product that is authentic and safe.

If you believe that consuming psychedelic mushrooms is causing difficulties in your life or taking you down the wrong path, Long Island Interventions can help. Our professional and caring staff are here to discuss the dangers of psychedelic mushrooms and help you live a happier, healthier life.

Published on: 2024-02-26
Updated on: 2024-04-11